The billionaire behind Trump has an agenda. Robert Mercer.

A hedge fund manager competing with Soros, Robert Mercer, backed Trump when Ivanka approached him, when Trump’s campaign was struggling.  He runs the Medallion Fund.  The Mercer family provided Steve Bannon.  Conway.  Mercer had been supporting Cruz.

Mercers are now part of the Transition Team (Rebecca, his daughter).  Bannon brought in Breitbart.

Mercers have a very interesting number of aims.  They back Sweizer’s books.  Breitbart.  Investors.

They decided to deploy white working class rage into an assault on Washington.

Seeking a far right corporate friendly political movement – they backed Citizens United.  Unlimited political funding was made legal.

Breitbart died.  He had been a moderate and had worked on Huffington.  Bannon took over and the movement gathered strength.

Mercer did not back Romney.  Rebecca Mercer, Mercer’s daughter, became her father’s enforcer.  They initially backed Ted Cruz but he failed during the nomination process.

The Medallion Fund is closed to outside investors.  It uses advanced algorithms to make fortunes on the stock market, adding nothing to the economy.  Mercer had better math(s) than the other billionaires.  Billionaires taking control of politicians is what the game is all about, billionaires with their hearts set on keeping the power they have managed to acquire.

Propaganda is the way to stop governments from stopping the algorithm-operators from taking over the economy, and keep out political opposition.  There are no little guys in Trump’s team.  Trump is a phenomenon of hedge fund managers backing the right horse, and that horse is playing for the latest batch of richest people in America.

The question becomes – to whom is Mercer loyal?  Obviously not the UN and the EU or NAFTA.  The richest men will no doubt be preparing a few major scams, and don;t want any political structures in their way.

Might they be stock market based?  I would think so.  A boom followed by a crash would be profitable for insiders.   The boom is on now.  Watch out.

Youtube – When all seemed to be falling apart for Trump this summer, one shadowy billionaire offered up his own massive political infrastructure, which included Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, and saved Trump’s campaign from demise.

N.B.  The new regime appears to be focused heavily on attacking Iran.  They’re accusing Iran of breaking the nuclear agreement.  Intelligence Agencies say Iran was never even building a bomb.  There’s no evidence.  It’s evidence-manufacturing all over again – just like Iraq.


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