Space Weather News. Cosmic lines are not gravitational. Earthquakes are triggered by solar magnetism.

TAP – while people surmise whether the earth will be hit by a Carrington event, it is worth considering the fact that there are people who spend their lives analysing space weather and earthquakes, from their own resources, without government spin or supervision.  What do they have to tell us?  Forget about NASA and the International Space Station which don’t actually exist.  Skip the adverts too. Here is a clear cut view simply expressed that does away with the nonsense we are always told from birth about the universe and the world we live in.   Major earthquakes all happen at the strongest magnetic periods, and when solar magnetism reverses.

Sunspots display simple Fibonacci curves.  They are electrical.

Dark matter and Dark energy are nonsense.  Black holes are nonsense.

There is no vacuum in space at all.  Most of an atom is empty space.  In space there is matter or electrical potential, but no vacuum.

Cosmic rays can juice up storms.

The Thunderbolts Project –

This week we’ve posted the EU2016 talk by Ben Davidson, “The Path Forward is Clear.” Ben is the founder of Space Weather News and The Mobile Observatory Project.  He is also the researcher behind the Suspicious0bservers Channel on YouTube, a channel that has rocketed in under 4 years to tens of millions of views and includes the world’s most-watched space weather news program, with more than 260,000 subscribers.  We consider Ben to be among our most distinguished allies.

~ Dave Talbott and Team


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