2 Responses to “President Two Mouths – The David Icke Videocast”

  1. NPP says:

    Some thoughts.

    Trump recognised his constituency?
    Yes David, he did. No one else did.
    He’s bringing hard core right wingers in? He has to manage his party and constituency.
    Trump has cemeteries in his closet, if they wanted to destroy him, they would have?
    Does he have skeletons? May be does, but may be he doesn’t. He says he doesn’t drink or smoke. Remember this guy was brought up rich. His priorities are different to you and I. He can play big games from the start – that requires intent and energy. It does not suit him to get of his head. He understands the need to have a clear head at all times. His kick is the deal.
    It’s the Muslims? What if Trump understands 9/11 was not 19 Muslims with box cutters, but is calling the bluff… you want to say it was Muslims? OK, so he calls their bluff and says let’s ban Muslims.
    Remember, as much as David slates Trump, John Lamb Lash is not so enamoured with how David has interpreted his work on the Archon myth.

    I have several of David Icke’s books. I’ve seen him speak live. I would recommend you go.
    I gave Trump little thought until he stepped into the US presidential race. I have observed him with great interest since. He has surprised me; clear, direct, actually very accommodating and reserved in his response to incredible abuse and accusation. Calling CNN fake news live was a fab moment. However, the Israel love-in and anti-Iran rhetoric is to be noted.

    Let’s see. Energy flows where attention goes. We could choose to be open minded and even optimisitc.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Icke says that humanity is awakening. Yet nothing changes. Is that his true message? He gathers together a great flock and leads them…..nowhere. His books and talks start with 9/11 or something equally clear cut, then he takes the audience out into the realms of holographics, and other impossibilities and leaves them there. He wanders off into the incomprehensible when there is no need to. He offers no pathway, no plan, just an echo of the awfulness of One World Government, in amongst a few other interesting topics. The OWG need to get their existence understood somehow. Starting with a small following and ending up with all realising we are manipulated by an unseen hand that controls all won’t stop the process. If they want our abject surrender they would send out an Alex Jones and a David Icke to get our minds confused and unable to move first. Icke is a great place to start but an awful place to finish. YOu need to design your own campaigns and your own survival strategies.

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