President Trump’s Speech – Only a Suicide Bomber or Psychotic Could Fault It

“Trump’s inaugural speech outstanding…” says Sheridan. The contrast between his view and the anti-Trump protesters is bemusing. Sheridan points out it is not that Trump is the Messiah, but he signals a change occurring within the ether; a window of opportunity for those of who wish to recognise and grab it.

President Trump’s Speech – Only a Suicide Bomber or Psychotic Could Fault It

Women’s March: UK protesters join anti-Donald Trump march;
‘Ex-England rugby captain Chris Robshaw and his partner Camilla Kerslake joined protesters…’
What plonkers. What do they want? A moderate non-extreme leader who kills such as a Clinton, Obomba or Blair? If only Trump would treat women with the respect as does Slick Willy Bill Clinton eh?!

Update …. and there’s more from Thomas:
Bolshevik Rioters Trump Needs to Make a Lesson of…



3 Responses to “President Trump’s Speech – Only a Suicide Bomber or Psychotic Could Fault It”

  1. Nollidge says:

    “Bolshevik JEWISH CONTROLLED Rioters.organised & paid by the JEW SOROS”. there,I’ve corrected the statement above.
    Question: why is a JEW who ratted out his fellow Jews in Budapest in the ’40’s to the Nazis to steal their wealth still alive?.
    When the Jews have even gone after an Auschwitz BOOKEEPER f.f.s.?
    I think it’s time we goyim DEMANDED an answer on this from the JEWISH COMMUNITY.!!.

  2. Because TPTB cannot assassinate Donald Trump, they will try their hardest to use him to advance their NWO agenda

    State of the Nation

    Is there a bipartisan national movement afoot to sabotage Donald Trump’s worldwide peace initiative? You bet there is!

    In fact, this clandestine [INSIDER-driven] movement within the Beltway ostensibly began as “A Highly Organized Democrat Strategy To Destroy Trump’s Peace Plan With Russia”.


    What does this mean? My ideas:

    – These are indeed off planet alien vehicles.
    – These are Secret Space Program vehicles, sent to protect the Trump.
    – These are aliens sent to do a “Trump Hair Probe”.
    – These are cabal craft sent to give a message to Trump, “Don’t you dare mess with our city-state (DC)!!!”

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