Pope cautions against rise in populism


The Pope has warned of the growth of populism and the “danger in times of crises to seek a saviour who will defend us with walls”.

In an interview in the Vatican during Donald Trump’s inauguration, Pope Francis condemned the use of walls to keep foreigners out.

However he refused to anticipate the events of the American presidency.

The Pope also warned that political crises cause fear which can open the door for dictators such as Hitler.

The wide-ranging interview included a clear warning against populism.

“Crises provoke fear and alarm … and the most obvious example of European populism is Germany in 1933,” he told Spanish newspaper El Pais.

“Hitler didn’t steal the power, his people voted for him and then he destroyed them.”

But he added “we cannot be prophets of calamities”.

“We have to wait and see without being alarmed or fearful of what might happen,” Pope Francis warned.

“All we can do is see what he does and then evaluate afterwards.”

Despite an inaugural speech peppered with Christian references, Trump’s faith was called into question by the pope over campaign plans to build the border wall with Mexico.

Last updated Sun 22 Jan 2017

3 Responses to “Pope cautions against rise in populism”

  1. quenelka says:

    there is nothing more ‘populist’ than telling people that if they are good they are going to have a great time when they die

  2. Dublinmick says:

    This is so much hypocrisy on Franky’s part.

    The vatican wasn’t worried when Pacelli slipped Hitler 6000 gold bars to train the SS before he became pope. In fact both Hitler and Stalin were jesuit trained.

    Castro is also jesuit trained. These cray ideas of sticking together just makes it hardwe to kill all of the Europrans and bring in a world fascist government under sharia and noahide laws.

  3. Scotty says:

    ‘Populism’ = democracy, now the nihilistic liberals are now losing!

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