“Muslim ban” a total lie

Fact-less media gins up mass hysteria among left-wing zombie trolls… America now a “mob-ocracy”

Image: “Muslim ban” a total lie… fact-less media gins up mass hysteria among left-wing zombie trolls… America now a “mob-ocracy”

(Natural News) This may come as a shock to anyone stupid enough to still believe the lying left-wing media, but there is no Muslim ban in America. President Trump‘s executive orders, signed last Friday, are only a temporary halting of immigrants and refugees from seven countries with strong ties to international terrorism.

None of those seven countries are among the list of nations from where the largest number of Muslims immigrate to America. Even more, those seven countries were chosen and named by Obama administration officials! (They were chosen by Obama, not by Trump.) Both Obama and former President Jimmy Carter invoked temporary bans on travelers from terror-linked countries, by the way.

Yet the wholly dishonest, anti-America left-wing media has no interest in reporting the truth about any of this. They’re using the executive order to whip up mass hysteria as an emotional weapon against President Trump.

Right on cue — in another perfect example of “journo-terrorism” — the mindless liberal masses unleashed a social media trolling storm to condemn Donald Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban.” But there is no Muslim ban. As has become customary on the left, the trolls pushing the media narrative are completely without any facts whatsoever and argue from a place of mindless outrage rather than reasoned consideration.

What we’re all really witnessing yet again is the complete collapse of the credibility of the left-wing media and its mindless zombie followers. They are all truly unhinged, mentally ill “emotional zombies” who are instantly manipulated into faux outrage on any event the media seeks to contort into hatred directed at Donald Trump.

That’s why much of America isn’t a democracy but a “mob-ocracy” where mobs of mindless zombies are whipped up into fake outrage by a wholly dishonest, lying left-wing media.

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Watch this video from Stefan Molyneux to learn what the media isn’t reporting:

And watch this commentary from Paul Joseph Watson for more fact checking:


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  1. NPP says:

    I have received Health Ranger newsletters for several years and sympathise with the content here.

    The BBC are push push pushing fear; divide and rule; race and gender relations have long been a government programme as Molyneux commented in this or one of his videos.

    I do wonder about Mike Adams; he distributes excellent material and ideas, but I wonder about Mike Adams. John B. Wells refers to him as the Health War Lord. Apparently Jeff Rense says beware, he is ruthless. Rebecca Roth accuses Adams of trying to kill her! Heavy stuff. I don’t know, simply passing on what came under my nose.

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