Mountain ranges formed by electrical events – including arcing from other planets

Published on Jan 14, 2017

In a well-received presentation, Andrew Hall showed the audience a new geologic idea about mountain formation based on the Electric Universe model. His new concept includes the following:
1) Triangular buttresses form on the sides of mountains in the shape of reflected supersonic shock waves.
2) They are layered onto the mountain; thus, they are not caused by seismic waves.
3) They are layered perpendicular to the wind direction, consistent with supersonic winds created by shock waves.
4) The triangular waveforms are parallel to the primary shock pattern, consistent with reflected shock waves.
5) The triangular waveforms exhibit less energy and more transient effects on softer substrates and higher energy, sharper angles on hard substrates.
6) They are not layered sediments from an ancient beach, or waterway since triangles are a consistent feature around the world and do not conform to any motion of random water waves.
7) They are formed in all types of rock, including granite; thus, they are not formed by eons of normal winds.
8) The triangular waveforms exhibit compression and expansion from superimposed longitudinal and transverse waves that came from a source above.

Andrew Hall is an engineer and writer, who spent thirty years in the energy industry. He can be reached at or


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  1. Swiftdigger says:

    My faith in humanity needed restoring, It helps Listening to gentlemen such as this imparting their observations. Ta Tap.

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