Life, illness and death translated into music

You can hear the harmony of the body, and health, and you can hear the lack of harmony in organophosphates, glyphosate, heavy metals and other toxic substances.  Give this ten minutes before you hit the switch off button.  It will progressively draw you in and inspire you.  Poisons like cadmium sound foreboding.  Lead.  And so on.  Fluorine.

He hasn’t got to mercury yet, but fluorine is horrific to hear.  So too sodium fluoride.

Is this totally scientific?  It sounds like it has something important to tell us.

He ends on Iodine, which is technically a heavy metal, but it’s a metal musically in harmony with the rest of the good elements of life.  No wonder it saves us from nuclear assault.  It is necessary to sustain life.  you can use this for relaxation.


from Mike Adams.  Natural News.


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  1. bluefeather says:

    Fascinating… What an amazing way to learn chemistry. As we are beings of frequency, we can see how our frequencies are being manipulated, with what he shows in translating elements into frequencies – incredible work.
    This should be taught in schools.

  2. bluefeather says:

    Masuru Emoto showed us how music, frequency can be seen in photographs

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