Kirby Misperton Protection Camp the new frontline against fracking

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Video needs three seconds to download.  Witness from Pennsylvania interviewed.

Traumatic injuries common amongst fracking crews in the US.

The crews are itinerant.  Affordable housing dried up.  Local people have to move out.  Damage to the community.

Other ‘industries’ moved into the areas.

Then the jobs leave.  Fracking employment dropped 27% in a year in the US.

Fracking has depressed the local economies.

Fracking water is radioactive.  The sand is also a problem.  Water is sent from Pittsburgh to Ohio to reinjection wells, causing seismic activity.

Fracking Nightmare – episode 101.

In Pennsylvania water is classified as Hazardous Waste, with no mention of radioactivity.

Upper respiratory problems are now common in the places down wind of frack sites.

Houses with dirty water supply are unsaleable.  Families ruined.



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