Istan-Bull. Reina looks like yet another false event

Nathan Stolpman with his eye for detail and dry sense of humour picks the Istanbul attack to pieces.

Then he goes over the Israeli connection to the Berlin truck attack (hoax).

He’s been hard at work over the holiday period.

At Reina, he focuses on CCTV footage, and witness interviews.  Enjoy.


Turkish news is completely controlled.

Spark bullets analysed, which are being used over and over in Turkish series of false flags and hoaxes.

Spark balls are made out of zirconium – used in Paintball bullets.  They have little hitting power, and don’t penetrate metal or masonry.

Real bullets can spark but not the big sparks seen in alleged CCTV footage of the terror events.


Mainstream says ISIS claims the attack.  Yet no sources are given other then Twitter by CNN.

Nathan believes Erdogan is pumping out these false flag events and hoaxes.

The witness, Jacob Raak, talking on a stretcher apparently shot is just ludicrous.  Sitting up.  Talking with no evidence of injury visible.

He’s described as a small business owner, Tech Manufacturing, from Delaware.  He sells parts to Boeing.

He’s part of the military industrial complex.

The media says his phone saved his life (same theme as before in other events where phones are said to save peoples’ lives).

As usual, athletes are always involved.  A footballer in this case.

Erdogan is running fake events since the fake coup.  To terrorise the Turkish people and bring in Police suppression everywhere.

His lies are just like ours.

Nathan compares a real event on the same day in Istanbul.  Little news reporting.  Someone attacked a mosque.  Two injured.  Said to be non-political.

Christians attacking Moslems gets no coverage.  Not the narrative.

In the Reina, maybe there were bangs.  They can have a team inside with blood packets ready to go, which could convince real people they were involved in a real attack.

They can use flash bombs.

Attacks are said to go on for fifteen minutes or twenty minutes.  One AK47 clip takes a second to fire off.  While reloading a clip, the gunmen would be overpowered.

He is being said to have fired eight clips.  The perpetrators are always on terror watch lists.

Another hoax published in Turkey claiming cyber attacks on electricity supply explaining widespread power cuts across Istanbul.  Dec 31st.  From Energy Minister.

Hoax not convincing.  More likely heavy snow and bad weather is causing the outages.  The outages are not being fixed quickly enough.

Erdogan seems fixated with false terror and false news of many kinds.

Lifttheveil on youtube.

He’s on paypal looking for funding.  He’s disabled from monetisation on google/youtube.

They’re trying to starve out the alternative media.

Lifttheveil411 on Youtube and facebook.


www.alt/ which gets published on will be interviewed.  David Seaman.  His paypal was frozen.

His line – Trump is all about getting him in as someone to blame a coming market crash on.

TAP – The wars might go down the agenda for a while.  A financial crash could be scheduled instead.  Trump would be making vast profits himself from such an event.

Insiders will sell off in time in the current boom.  Then buy back for one tenth what they sold for.  The rest of the world will see savings and pensions decimated.






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