Israel hijacks India

Anonymous sent:

Did anyone notice that the government of India (Prime minister Modi) has declared that upon the New Year India would abstain from all UN votes critical of Israel? Until now, India was pro Palestinian. Palestine even had a representative office in India, and India had no diplomatic relations with Israel. Then a hindu racist who was banned from the west has been brought from obscurity and made prime minister. Israeli and CIA agents were very active in hacking the electronic communication of all political parties and in hacking the primitive electronic voting machines. Modi made it a priority to normalize relations with Israel and shut down Palestine and elevate Israel as the best friend of India.”

My response: HEY, what about India banning cash, and destroying anyone who was holding a large amount of cash, only to subsequently ban people from owning gold and silver, complete with confiscations??!!?? That would fit absolutely perfect with having a crypto Jew fake Indian shoved into power by CIA hacked voting machines and a bogus election. Gee, that sure fits, and needs considering. I bet that is precisely what Modi is. Obviously sucking up to Israel would be part of the package. Thanks for filling in the blank with India’s new stand on Palestine, now I see the light CLEARLY.

Neal sent:


The last scene of the new Star Wars movie makes me wonder if what happened to Carrie Fisher was a message from the real evil empire

My response: I may have too quickly passed it off as being caused by bad habits, especially since her mother died so close in time that the funeral is the same funeral, and Jews at Disney received a $41 million insurance payout. Something seems odd.


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  1. Swiftdigger says:

    My take on this. India is under attack.
    There are fundamental truths at the cor of yogic/vedic truths that concur with biblical versions. The main one being Yoga/Union is the settling of the mind into stillness. Being at peace with ones self. Be still and know that One is God.
    Blocking the ability of humanity to settle sufficiently is the goal of those against the Natural order. Dharma being the natural benefic life supporting way and Adharma being against That way. The squaring of the circle of life to enable the building of kingdoms here. The tools employed being stress and GMO foods and drugs and substances that keep us from settling, Ones that keep us hyper or distressed and nutrient poor. Round up being among them, The sick even named it describing what it achieves, Rounding us all up. We will not be able to breed naturally soon.
    India is under attack. Monsanto being one of the major instruments employed to destroy the Ayurvedic nutrient rich life supporting fuels our physiology requires to become both energised and able to settle.
    TPTSNB have been doing their utmost to weaken us all by trashing this old remaining system of knowledge by flooding this Dharmic knowledge with adharmic systems. One might say Brahmic and Abrahamic.
    Mistakes/untruths have been brought to light recently. It is not nothing to subject your children to circumscision. It alters the brain functioning of the victim PERMANENTLY.
    There are hymns/chants that are sung to someone on becoming a Brahmin. This sugests that the Caste system we see today was at one time a more fluid system where anyone displaying a natural affinity for a peace creating Yogic life could become a Brahmin. The same goes for the other castes we see. If you where skillfull at commerce then you would be of that type/caste.
    The Peace/Coherence creating groups have at various times been undermined by the dark mislead souls whom have attempted to enslave mankind and the Angels of light sent to serve manknd by enslaving them also. One such historic Angel has been dubbed the father of lies due to their mislead attempts to pervert and missuse this particular force of nature always backfiring upon them when the laws of Action/Kharma bite them in the arse when they eventually inherit the Hells they create.

  2. Swiftdigger says:

    Perverting That/Dharma serves nobody in the long run. It just brings about a dam in the river of life. A dam that requires a dam buster to unblock the backlog of souls unable to migrate along the river of life. Indra being one historic dambuster from the Ved.
    Blessed are the peace makers for they will indeed inherit Heaven.
    As for those busy playing at being Gods here on Earth whether due to being altered or mind controlled they are a master race I would advise a rethink. This truth is powerful. One whom chooses to ignore it in the expectation they will have a get out of jail free card on passing over by claiming themselves victims due to being mutilated, I have a wake up call for you. That line of defence has now become mute.

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