German Newspaper Editor Who Exposed CIA Found Dead

Director of Central Intelligence, John Brennan, and Barack Obama used to hold meetings on Tuesday mornings in order to review the week’s list of victims to be droned or otherwise eliminated. Even wedding guests in Pakistan were murdered en masse. This article describes  another death that can be laid at the door of the usual suspects. I survived two plans to kill me, in 2002 and 2005. Both were initiated by an American colleague for implementation by MI6. So this sort of thing is fairly commonplace. Read this article and find out why the British press and TV are crap. – Gordon Logan.

The former editor of  Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung, the largest newspaper in Germany, revealed that the CIA pays journalists in Germany, France, Britain, Australia and New Zealand to plant fake stories – and the CIA is trying to bring war to Russia

Dr Udo Ulfkotte, the former German newspaper editor whose bestselling book exposed how the CIA controls German media, has been found dead.

Dr Udo Ulfkotte, the former German newspaper editor whose bestselling book exposed how the CIA controls German media, has been found dead. He was 56


Ulfkotte was an editor at Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of the largest newspapers in Germany, when he published Bought Journalists, the bestselling book that cost him his job and perhaps his life.

German media, who were banned from reporting on his work in recent years, are reporting he died of “heart failure”.

Acknowledging that his life was under threat, Ulfkotte explained that he was in a better position than most journalists to expose the truth because he didn’t have any children who could be threatened.

Speaking to the Russian newspaper Russian Insider, Ulkfotte said: “When I told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Ulfkotte’s newspaper) that I would publish the book, their lawyers sent me a letter threatening with all legal consequences if I would publish any names or secrets – but I don’t mind. You see, I don’t have children to take care of.

His fears for a war in Europe, lead him to his decision to tell the truth about corporate media being controlled by intelligence services on behalf of the financial class.

I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I’ve been educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public,” Ulfkotte told Russia Today. “I was supported by the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. Why? Because I am pro-American.

The German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia. This is a point of no return, and I am going to stand up and say… it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia.”

Ulfkotte said most corporate media journalists in the United States and Europe are “so-called non-official cover,” meaning that they work for an intelligence agency. “I think it is especially the case with British journalists, because they have a much closer relationship. It is especially the case with Israeli journalists. Of course with French journalists. … It is the case for Australians, [with] journalists from New Zealand, from Taiwan, well, there is many countries,” he said.

Ulfkotte’s book Bought Journalists became a bestseller in Germany but, in a bizarre twist which Ulfkotte says characterizes the disconnect caused by CIA control of the western media, the book cannot be reported on by the German press.

Ulfkotte said: “No German mainstream journalist is allowed to report about [my] book. Otherwise he or she will be sacked. So we have a bestseller now that no German journalist is allowed to write or talk about.

Among the stories Ulfkotte says he was ordered by the CIA to plant in his newspaper was a fake story that Libyan President Moammar Gaddafi was building poison gas factories in 2011.

The German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia,” he told RT.

This is a point of no return, and I am going to stand up and say … it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia, and it is not right what my colleagues do, and have done in the past, because they are bribed to betray the people not only in Germany, all over Europe. … I am very fearful of a new war in Europe, and I don’t like to have this situation again, because war is never coming from itself, there is always people who push for war, and this is not only politicians, it is journalists too. … We have betrayed our readers, just to push for war. … I don’t want this anymore; I’m fed up with this propaganda. We live in a banana republic, and not in a democratic country where we have press freedom.

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  • Kilsun Lithandrous

    and another one that challenged the “system” dies.

  • Cletus

    Murdered for sure

    • Bruno

      Heart Attack the lie the elites keep using as with former Yugoslavian leaders who wanted to tell the truth about the Balkan war to.

  • Je_Sui_Pepe

    we have to stand up against this. Deus vult

  • blackballs

    “Suicide” no doubt

  • efelump

    I think it’s important for Europe that Donald Trump is allowed to take office. He is hell bent on doing battle with the CIA and the Rockefellers a NFL the Soroses who are really running the show – the New World Order. It can only help us get rid of the faceless ones who really run Europe.

    • vlp1730

      The last President who tried to take on the CIA wound up dead. So did his brother, who had presidential aspirations.

  • Joseph de Nicola

    He could just as easily been killed by the Russian Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti to make his book seem all the more plausible. Or just had a heart attack from all the stress of worrying if there would be retaliation for his book. Generally, CIA would have killed him before the book was published, the publisher would have been blown up, and no copies of the manuscript would have survived. After the fact, there’s no interest in drawing attention. Look at the fact that Assange and Snowden are both still alive.

    • Bruno

      Another one that challenged the “Western elite system” dies.
      Look at the fact that Assange and Snowden are both still alive. Yes and mainly they know if Assange is killed or captured he would just release the switch protocol.

    • Chuck

      Translation: pay no attention to the hideous truth this man exposed and focus on crazy conspiracy theories surrounding his death. Doesn’t matter what caused his heart attack.

  • Daniel Smith

    Real Hero for the people!

  • ICFubar

    A very courageous man that chose to speak truth to power. This hierarchical system will always seek to do away with any leaders of the people who arise. We should all praise this stand that Ulfkotte took and not let his death have the chilling effect those who orchestrate a system of greed for their own earthly gain wish his death to have. This was the act of a very brave humanitarian and in the end very honourable as most wish to be.

  • mijj

    a man with integrity, found to have been heart-attacked.

  • ignasi

    Any possible Dream interested tips

  • suezz

    may he rest in peace. a good man with a good soul.

  • manuelcdiaz

    CIA induced heart attack!

  • balagan123

    These WERE the folks that brought us “WMD’s” in Iraq. Read “A legacy of Ashes” for more insight into their history. Obama made peace with Iran despite a constant push to invade them. It might have been the most important action of his presidency. Now Trump wants to defuse the constant prodding of the Russian bear. Despite all the nonsense he spouts, if he succeeds, it would be his most important legacy. I can’t imagine the insanity of anyone that wants to start a war with a nuclear power.


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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    Oops, I see the other Gordon’s beaten me to it!

  2. sovereigntea says:

    How long shall they kill our prophets,
    While we stand aside and look?

    Bob Marley

  3. Scotty says:

    If more people stood up and refused to lie, like this man, it would NOT be possible for THEM to achieve their New World Order.
    Journalists truly are PROFESSIONAL LIARS.

  4. Gordon Logan says:

    The poison used would be the same that was used to kill Robin Cook. The Russians planned using the same poison on me in May 1991. I have a faked medical certificate to prove it. I hear that the Americans have used the same poison over the years in Japan to get rid of awkward nationalist politicians.

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