First Urban ‘Agrihood’ In America Feeds 2,000 Households For Free

The agrihood is located in Detroit, Michigan, and feeds thousands of families in the area. Children and adults can learn about sustainable agriculture when they take part in the food forest’s development.

Credit: Michigan Urban Farming Initiative

Credit: Michigan Urban Farming Initiative

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  1. Anonymous Patriots says:

    Eating food grown in co2 gans water seems powerful ( more Etheric energy in it?)
    What about growing or doing many other things unrelated to growing such as food storage, healing technology, with CO2 GANS inside a pyramid frame, more synergy perhaps? Our imaginations seem the limit with this

    GANS CO2 water in the soil or hydroponics operation Could be powerful . Glyphosate as we know destroys the rich bacteria microbiome in soils – so necessary for making minerals like magnesium bioavailable. Bill Gates/GHWBushes Monsanto Roundup creation creates mineral starvation directly leading to cancers. So it’s fascinating to think plasma Gans might be somehow regenerating soils in this way.

    Kefir grains kept in water storage tanks, giving it trillions of diverse bacteria combined with CO2 Gans might be powerful synergy. And then watering soils and plants with it.
    Or even drinking it as a health kefir plasma elixir.
    The possible synergy of combining Magrav Gans with any aspects of life is very exciting and perhaps limited by our imaginations.
    What about GANS Plasma combined with the Anticancer oxygenating effects of Ozone?
    What about GANS Plasma Ozonated water used to boil coffee for 12 minutes then used in a coffee retention enema?

    0203: Heather Bryant tells how she took some small vials of CO2 and seawater GANS and put the vials into drinking water at a consciousness gathering – very evolved people there who were impressed and could feel the energy. She also put some CO2 GANS under the chair of a person being worked upon and it seemed to improve or make much easier the process of emotional release. 0214: MK explains some technical details of how the oxides like CuO and GANS of CO2 lock onto the COHN of the virus and reduce their energy back to Hydrogen – you can actually use the virus energy to benefit the man. 0220: HB shows her Facebook pictures of using the small GANS vials to energize the water- asks MK if this is the best way? MK says yes this way you just use the plasmatic fields – however the plastic can become a filtering barrier – may be better to use glass vials. The seawater GANS is so powerful because it contains all the elements of the planet. Some questions on safety of the seawater GANS – MK says it is part of our life on the planet so it is safe – also talked some more on the experiments with Mice at Fukushima and how the CO2 GANS fed to the mice detoxed radioactivity, but it did not neutralize it took it into the urine which still contained the residual radioactivity. 0235: Discussion of the Use of Rock Salt, which has less impurities in it than sea salt…

    0238: Jim and Lisa MacDonald – Presentation on Agriculture and Keshe Plasma Technology – they have had remarkable results from growing Lettuce commercially using aquaponics and hydroponics – with a huge increase in yield and faster maturation of the crop in high temperatures that previously stunted the crop – just from putting a bottle of sealed CO2 GANS influencing the water circulation with its plasma field. 0307: MK responds – Remember the Chinese experiments showed protection from cold temperatures – you have showed us the same thing with heat – CO2 GANS structured water makes the plants more resistant to extremes of temperature and pressure. They harvested 2 weeks quicker and with 2x greater mass. (This is a similar effect to the way the crop seed is effected by crop circles – increased resistance to temperature extremes, dehydration and darkness – as demonstrated by Professor Levengood et al Massachusetts)

    • Anonymous Patriots says:

      Another fascinating report somewhere on the internet – the Keshe Pain Pens which have done kind of GANS / tiny coil arrangement in them.
      Very interesting how it’s reported 50% success if using the Pain Pen on oneself .
      However 100% success if using the Pain Pen to treat someone else .
      What might be the possible implications of this?
      Perhaps that Keshe Magrav Plasma technology interacts with human consciousness. Or perhaps only a benevolent giving side to human consciousness.
      Perhaps Plasma Technology interacts with benevolent Higher Beings? It’s certainly very strange and Plasma seems to have a Consciousness of it’s own. That connects with ours.

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