Dope, Inc. Britain Opium War against the US (1978).pdf Version 2


by LaRouche


LaRouche; Konstandinos Kalimtgis; David Goldman; Jeffrey Stienberg
An US Labor Party Investigative Report; Later edition subtitled “The Book that Drove Henry Kissinger Crazy”

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Reviewer:learningtostandfavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite – August 16, 2013
Subject: They just keep trying to pretend that their Darkness is Light… toxic sludge is good for you

Maybe your landing here, your reading this is just a mistake (or maybe not).

Maybe you don’t need any new or real information.

Maybe what happens in economics or politics all the time, really is ALL coincidence and happenstance. (Get off the drugs !! )

But whether or not that premise is true, is worth spending a few moments to think about.

IF you are in the West, you are being told to go back to the Stone age and be happy to be a slave.
If you live outside the west, forces are being used to keep you from technology and information, so that you cannot make progress.

After all, somebody is deciding that you don’t really need the electricity that you and your family have been able to access and use for the past 100 years.

Somebody is deciding that your electricity use needs to be monitored by the system, down to what you are doing in each room of your house.

Somebody is deciding that you should not be driving your car, that you should no longer have the freedom to decide where you travel, how you travel, and where you go.

Somebody is deciding that soon TSA will start trying to exercise jurisdiction on the roads, the same way that they do in airports.

Somebody is deciding that all applications for your cell phone must release all information about you, to everyone, all the time.

These are not happening by accident. Someone has to program these systems (and instruct the programers) so that they will know how to leave you exposed and vulnerable, in every phase and area of your life.

So your freedom is being either attacked or restricted, but your vulnerability, lack of security, and increased transparency so everyone can view your life, those factors are multiplying every month.


At what point will you decide to try to resist, or to learn more about the system and the planners who are doing this to you ?

Does it occur that it seems that we are RETURNING to the DARK AGES, when only a few Barons ruled everything and everyone, while the average individual, became a slave, a serf, a perpetually indebted working-machine, always in debt to the system ?

For the assertion that we are being forced BACK – step by step – into the DARK AGES, it sure seems as though there are MANY forces that are trying to make that happen.

Carol White’s book about the New Dark Ages ; has been hidding in plain sight. It explains HOW this is happening, and WHO are the ones operating to make this happen.

As others have said, some things are true, EVEN IF larouche or other authors believe them. The fact that there are even some here (who work for Archive) who seem to have a knee-jerk reaction to him, is rather telling (of their own intentions to condemn books that are pro-freedom ).

Most of Larouche’s material – for those who bother to read it – concentrates on helping the little guy, AND concentrates on exposing the still-ruling families of the nobility, that forfeited their own sworn duty to their realm, and to God, to help and protect others. Much of his work exposes those who have huge reservoirs of money, and use that to try to manipulate people internationally and now more in the United States also. These families have betrayed everyone else, and they want humanity to pay for it, litterally, with every next paycheck.

They want you to pay, for what they will bill you, each and every month. Its a pay-as-you-go system. You must pay for your own oppression. So larouche has published material that exposes these people, and they have succeeded in manipulating people to instantly have a negative reaction to the name, SO THAT the material is not covered, and those Elite people and groups are safe FROM exposure.

But there is a lof of helpful accurate information out there, some of which includes:

Material that exposes George Bush ;
(don’t knock it if you have not had the courage to read it, and read the documents )
and also explains a lot of the earlier history of the American Revolutionary times ;.

Material that shows how families of False Royalty still control British Petroleum ;, (B.P), Royal Dutch Shell, and many other Multinationals, and how they also control International narcotics trade.

Material about the political plans to advance globalism through fake spiritual movements ;and Europe and those families who rule that part of the system [ huxley-lovejoy-darwin-rockefeller-hubbard-bronfman-windsor-coburg-saxe-bush-dean-kerry-clinton-lazard-sassoon-crowley-milner-cecil-marx-carlyle-weinberger-rumsfeld-gore-schiff-loeb-kuhn-chertoff-shaprut-grimaldi ] etc…

Material that questions islam ;and exposes a lot of the British Intelligence sponsorship of Islam ; courage ; if you read arabic ;

Maybe even some of the younger folk, those few 16 year olds who can read above a 4th grade level, will find courage, and read a few dozen books, and learn about the difference between the real world that manipulates them, and the matrix that filters most of what they see each day and are exposed to in public school and universities (no matter what nation or continent you are on). You must understand what is taking place, if you want to have a hope of defeating it, or of finding out what others are planning to do to you and your family.

One of these days, plans will be unveilled that in order to even access the net, you will need your eye scanned, or your fingerprint, or a palmprint or anything else that will be biometric, so that everything you learn, and everything you help others with, will be tracked. So, whatever you want to have access to or learn, you had better get a move on.

6 Months ago, no one knew anything about certain programs and methods to keep track of you. Now we may each have a small concept of the prison planet that is being built in place, all around information. Learn while you can.

For whatever reasons, those who came after Larouche were the anti-defamation league. They
were exposed also ; and their older agenda ; – which operates and continues TODAY – was exposed also. The ADL works with the Southern poverty Law center (which studies how to create southern poverty, and harm others with their $ 250 million budget. Funny how all those hundreds of millions of dollars never make it to the poor people in the south, who are actually EXPERIENCING southern poverty).

That is because this group is about how to create and continue the poverty and control the people, and not about helping anyone, unless you are a globalist banker.

It is sad to realize the agenda, now over many decades, of the ADL, which seems to assault any and all gentile versions or descriptions of history [ books ] that find anything gentile (non-jewish) praiseworthy in the smallest way.

You cannot continue to call anything that praises christianity or gentile [standard] American culture as Anti-semitic and think this boy-who-cried-wolf routine will have the same reaction of people accepting to be manipulated into silence, or accepting death to their history and culture, as it did 50 years go.

Not everything that all gentile people have done is always perfect, but not everything gentile deserves to be hated, condemned, castigated, and attacked.

There is a lot to be thankful for, a lot of good examples in history, a lot of positive development in ancient gentile or saxon law ; that is to be recommended. (These are ancient systems of personal honor that have been overthrown these days in most gentile nations, but without the consent of the governed). There are examples of false christianity ;, but there is still truth in what Christians have proclaimed ;.
that others would wish to censor.

Its worth starting to notice whether or not there is not some attempt to constantly make gentile people feel ashamed for either being christians or for being gentiles.

Those kind of wrong conclusions seems to be constantly pushed by social media, and cable tv. It seems often to come from fortune 500 companies, or public school curriculum (dealing with history).

So If larouche exposes the elites, show how George Bush (and his dynasty, including the youngest Bush generations that are just starting to practice trying to take over the nation to harm the people – once again) are doing wrong, and helps to give accurate information to the people, it is hard to understand how this is a bad thing.

And it is much better than the work of the Southern poverty law center, which simply uses its millions to slander people who in no way deserve it, and to create more false flag operations for the military and law enforcement, and to promote their own nazification, in order to drag more people into personal bondage and oppression, which seems to be the actual, genuine and long-term agenda of the Southern Poverty Law center ; and those who sponsor ; and fund its existence.

The notion that no one is entitled to their own opinion must be rejected. And the notion that the only opinion that counts is the authorized elite opinions served to us by the elites and the continuum of their social-media delivery systems (bloomberg-microsoft-android-google = DoD) is B.S.

For the works of Carol White, Tarpley, or Antony Sutton or those who seek truth, what can be said is: Keep it up !!


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