2 Responses to “Donald Trump? Think Pink!”

  1. Tapestry says:

    I wonder if these were inserted (no pun intended) by opponents. Or are they really mad enough to expect pubic support – sorry ‘l’ was missing – public support?

  2. NPP says:

    James Bond Pussy Galore. What a fanny old world it all is… goodness knows. I hope it goes viral. I’m sure there are puns galore…

    This image made me laugh so much and seemed to sum up the whole stupidity of Madonna Cher, Michael Moore, identity politics…

    I picked this up from 9/11 researcher Rebekah Roth who suggests Jim Fetzer is a troll and Mike Adams is a “facade”. I still receive Health Ranger newsletters. Who knows?!

    The commentary by Patrick Henningsen is superb. he really is a special guy; a real journalist; terrific analysis. But, who other than a bloke who watches paint dry has the time to listen to this stuff?!

    Even I have had ‘white supremacy’ comments aimed at Trump. It’s mind boggling. This full body costume just said so much. How wonderful humour is; it destroys archons in a moment!

    As I talk BBC R4 is seriously discussing obesity as a genetic inheritance issue and just referenced the Rockefeller something or other institute… the world is mad. It is so mad, a character such as Trump actually seems to bring some common sense… I know, Jerusalem, fracking ahhh. Let’s see.

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