Doctors Speak Out On The Benefits Of CBD (Cannabidiol)

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Published on Jul 27, 2015…
If you’ve been carefully following the marijuana legal battle, you know CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is on the brink of a major medical breakthrough. Every day major news stations broadcast incredible stories of everyday men and women changing their lives for the better.

In fact, the medical industry is starting to gather huge support from a growing group of heavy hitters in the medical and political community.

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  1. A 2015 study published in the journal Science found that in colorectal cancer cells with particular cell growth-related mutations, intravenous vitamin C induces oxidative stress and shuts down an enzyme that the cells use for reproduction. This finding was particularly promising, since cancer cells with this mutation are almost entirely immune to chemotherapy.

    Editor’s note: We strongly recommend sourcing non-GMO vitamin C where possible. Most vitamin C is currently made from GMO corn. Very few providers currently offer non-GMO vitamin C.

    Liposomal vitamin C might be an option instead of or alongside IV vitamin C to achieve similar blood levels.
    Even though some say it’s better to provide the nutrients to allow the body to manufacture it’s own Glutathione such as selenium and selenium rich foods. Sachets of powdered liposomal Glutathione might be helpful for someone very ill who needs support.

    • Apparently some sources say while vitamin B17 Laetrile doesn’t work for all cancers. Colon cancer it seems to work well. A worry might be trying so many things at once they cancel each other out.
      Perhaps this is where doing our anecdotal research comes in, hopefully learning what things synergistically reinforce each other.
      With GANS plasma , impressions so far is plasma seems to enrich things (like lettuces) with Qi Etheric energy. Anyone with cancer and even without, relaxing on the floor in a bathroom spa setting, 15 minute coffee retention enemas are a powerful liver supportive glutathione enzyme upregulating detoxification weapon. Apparently using Ozonated water too is powerful cancer killer. So the ozone coffee could be plasma GANSed for synergy.

      Murdered NYC anti cancer doctor Nicholas Gonzales used pancreatic enzymes and coffee enemas

      The alkaline reserve minerals from lots of cooked vegetables, sea salt . And baking soda too cancer can’t survive. We mustn’t be too alkaline though

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