Death of David Kelly – Biological and Chemicals Weapons Expert.

Lies being Taught;

David Christopher Kelly – UN-Iraq’s Biological and chemicals Weapons Expert committed suicide.

Now the Truth;

Ten years ago, UK, USA and host of nations numbering over 40 attacked Iraq a sovereign nation. George Bush Jr of the United States and Tony Blair of the United Kingdom falsely claimed that Iraq’s possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and that they posed a threat to their security and that of their regional allies (Israel). Prior to the attack, the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) found no evidence of WMD. With the cooperation of the Iraqis, a third weapons inspection team in 2003 led by David Kelly (weapons expert) viewed and photographed two alleged mobile weapons laboratories which were actually facilities for the production of hydrogen gas to fill balloons. After the invasion, the U.S.‑ led Iraq Survey Group admitted that Iraq had ended its nuclear, chemical and biological programs much prior in 1991. However time and again public was told that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction to make out a false case for attack on Iraq. The lies were told to give security to Israel. This article relates to how one man dared to stand up for Truth and was murdered to hide the truth. Best assassination is one which is made to look like a suicide.

23 July 2002; Meeting among British government, Ministry of Defense, and British intelligence figures who discussed the build-up to the Iraq war –with direct references to classified U.S. policy of the time. The memo stated that “Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD and the intelligence and facts were to be fixed around that policy“.  Rycroft, Matthew (1 May 2005). “The secret Downing Street memo”. The Sunday Times (London).

24 September, 2002; Dossier on “Iraq and its Weapons of Mass Destruction” is published. (DOS 1/56) which states;

“Iraq has probably dispersed its special weapons, including its CBW weapons. Intelligence also indicates that chemical and biological munitions could be with military units and ready for firing within 20 – 45 minutes.”

31 January 2003;  Meeting between George W. Bush and Tony Blair took place in the White House. A secret memo of this meeting purportedly showed that Bush and Blair made a secret deal to carry out the invasion regardless of whether WMD were discovered by UN weapons inspectors or not. In the memo, Bush is paraphrased as saying, “The start date for the military campaign was now penciled in for 10 March. This was when the bombing would begin.” “Bush-Blair Iraq war memo revealed”. BBC News Online. 27 March 2006. Retrieved 5 January 2010.

27 February, 2003; Lunchtime: Mr David Broucher – the British permanent representative to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva meets Dr Kelly for an hour to discuss how Mr Broucher can sell the dossier at the UN. Dr Kelly tells him that if Iraq had any WMD there would not be very much left and says he fears the invasion will go ahead anyway and that puts him in a morally ambiguous position. Mr Boucher stated: “As Dr Kelly was leaving I said to him: what will happen if Iraq is invaded? And his reply was, which I took at the time to be a throw away remark, he said: “I will probably be found dead in the woods.” According to Broucher, Kelly implied, in the statement, that his death would be by someone else’s hands, not his own.

UN does not pass any resolution for declaring war on Iraq.

20 March, 2003; George Bush Junior and Tony Blair trick another forty nations to declare war on Iraq leading to millions in causalities and senseless destruction all around.

29 May, 2003; 0607: Andrew Gilligan reports on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “What we’ve been told by one of the senior officials in charge of drawing up that dossier was that actually the government probably knew that that 45 minute figure was wrong even before it decided to put it in … Downing Street, our source says, ordered a week before publication ordered it to be sexed up to be made more exciting”. (BBC 1/004) meaning thereby that as per UN weapons inspectors, the claim was deliberately sexed by 10 Downing street up to make a false case for attack on a sovereign nation.

10 July, 2003; Dr David Kelly UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq is identified as the source for BBC news.

16 July, 2003; David Kelly gives evidence to the Intelligence and Security Committee admits having talked to BBC reporter.

17 July, 2003; 1117: Dr Kelly responds to an e-mail from Alastair Hay. “Many thanks for your support. Hopefully it will soon pass and I can get to Baghdad and get on with the real job.”

18 July, 2003; Dr Kelly’s dead body is found in a park near to his home.

19 July, 2003; Tony Blair gives a press conference in Japan. A Daily Mail reporter asks “Have you got blood on your hands, Prime Minister?” Tony Blair froze as if he was unexpectedly faced with truth and could not answer.

20 July, 2003; BBC releases a statement saying that Dr Kelly was a source for Andrew Gilligan and Susan Watts. (BBC 17/087)

The Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes Norman Baker reveals that the Oxford shire coroner held an ‘unusual’ meeting with Home Office officials before he determined the cause of Dr Kelly’s death. And he claims that a ‘cosy cabal’ of Mr Blair’s friends, including Peter Mandelson and Lord Falconer, the Lord Chancellor, hand-picked Lord Hutton, a retired Law Lord from Northern Ireland, to lead the official investigation in 2003.

1 August 2003; Lord Hutton is appointed to enquire into the death of David Kelly and proceeds to publish his report in record time on 28th January 2004.

In Part II, we shall examine Hutton commission Many inconsistencies and other reports suggest agents had a hand in it – even governments can shoot themselves in the foot. A former MI6 spook, was speaking about the circumstances of Kelly’s death. He said he’s been taught how to “make anything look like anything” and said that there must have been some kind of struggle at the scene of Kelly’s death. He said it was sloppy work that Kelly’s body was found with enough pills for an overdose but hadn’t ingested them, he said that should have been removed from the scene under normal procedure. He added “You can slit someone’s wrists and make it look like suicide easily but it’s a lot harder to make someone swallow tablets.” He also said the heart monitor pads found on Kelly’s chest were “simply there to make sure he was dead.” He also said those should have been removed and suspects the agents involved were disturbed by someone in the process of the killing. The knife with which he was supposed to have killed himself surprisingly had no fingerprints on it. Which person would kill himself and then wipe off his fingerprints? The vein shown to have been cut is under the bone which is difficult even to detect and cut when the main artery is on top and is easily cut and that was not found to have been cut.

Kelly would no doubt be alive now, had he not dared to speak the truth. Kelly’s ‘crime’ was to break ranks and talk off the record to a reporter. Several men have died as a result of the government’s contempt for freedom – your freedom, my freedom to know the truth. “In my opinion, David Kelly and his team should have won the Nobel (peace) prize for disarmament”, Rolf Ekeus, chief UN weapons inspector, 1990s. (BBC News link)

Bush and Blair led the world to war. We had Bush and Blair’s word that Iraq was crawling with WMD. World joined in genocide and mass killings – and Bush and Blair thinks it’s their finest hour. The Truth is: there weren’t any WMD! Hussein was disarmed, this was known. He was never a danger to USA or UK. The Truth is – Bush and Blair joined an illegal, immoral, aggressive war – by deceiving us all!

Bush and Blair pretend that such wars can be fought under International Law. Bush and Blair’s war of aggression remains a most serious crime under Nuremberg Laws. International Law has been seriously undermined by their chosen action. Many of us now are surprised that George W Bush Jr. and Tony Blair remain and have not been hanged. It is an insult to Justice and Freedom if criminals walk around free.

George W Bush Jr and Tony Blair should be held accountable for millions of causalities that an illegal and immoral war saw in Iraq. They are international war criminals. People know; it was Bush’s war for Israel or same say for oil. People know Blair helped him. They used WMD as a ruse. The people do not like being lied to, or ordered to pay a blood price; its intelligence services made a mockery of; its army having to follow immoral orders. It is the death knell for a society when we allow ourselves to walk into genocide.

Children born with birth defects on account of use of chemical weapons by US army in Fallujah to win war




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