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California – The State of Dr Moreau

By General Maddox. 

In a world first scientists at the Salk Institute in California have created a human / pig hybrid embryo. The stated goal of which is to grow human organs to order. However these scientists admitted their more immediate application will be of great benefit to Big Pharma.

“The more immediate applications will be in disease modeling and drug testing”.

The Salk Institute is of course heavily tied into the vaccine industry. Salk was one of the main drivers of the Salk Polio Vaccine. A vaccine with a horrid past.

An article by also confirms that Big Pharma and its desire to endlessly create more and more drugs to sell will benefit from this type of research.

“But it is hoped that it could be used to create new kinds of single-celled organisms that could lead to the discovery of new drugs”.

So it appears this isn’t just about trying to help sick people who need organ transplants. No. It appears more likely this is about developing more and more vaccines that can be tested on human/pig hybrids so as not to need actual human trials. Possibly in the hope of speeding up the process in order to sell more vaccines to governments who have locked their citizens into having them.

There doesn’t appear to be any uproar or questioning as to the ethical nature of creating such an abomination by the establishment. An article by the Sydney Morning Herald practically praises this so-called “scientific breakthrough” and makes no mention of the possible drastic implications for man-kind if this technology was out in the open.

A quote from the movie Jurassic Park rings very true for this exact scenario…

“Scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not if they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should!”


Then of course there’s this possibility

But in all seriousness this type of “science” which is science for profit instead of science for the betterment of humanity seems to have no limits. No checks and balances. No one but us to say “hang on a minute, is this worth it?”.

The many thousands of people waiting for organ donors would probably agree it is. But like so many advancements in technology that comes at the expense of a part of nature, surely people need to perhaps reconsider.


Carolyn O’Loughlin
January 29, 2017 at 12:10 pm #

These really are mad scientists with no moral boundaries. The have said the human cells were obtained from 40 people. It is not clear where is these cells were embryonic stem cells derived from killing human embryos- which is morally wrong or were adult stem cells. derived without killing. Even if they were the ethically derived adult stem cells it is still wrong to put them into a pig. God knows what unfortunate beings they will ‘create’ in the future.
Certainly the vaccine industry has lacked morality for a long time . Remember their continuing behaviour of growing vaccines on human cell lines derived from aborted babies.
In Australia parents are financially penalised for not vaccinating their children with these abominations.



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