Charles refuses DNA test to establish if he is father of secret daughter

This is a weird story but seemingly credible.  How evil were the Royal machinations involved in the marriage of Charles to Diana.  I don’t know if this story is even medically possible.  If it turns out to be true, it’s yet another nail in Prince Charles’ claim to be respected as a future King, despite what clearly happened to Diana.

Maybe William comes out with some enhanced credibility, appearing to possess some natural human qualities.

If this is a hoax, let’s hear it in the comments.  I will delete, of course.  The story has has media coverage in other countries outside the UK e.g Globe Magazine in the US.


3 Responses to “Charles refuses DNA test to establish if he is father of secret daughter”

  1. NPP says:

    Interesting. Don’t know. Who knows? I do know I do not want a King Charley.

  2. quenelka says:

    Come on, if this was true the Royal Family scandal handlers would have sorted this out long ago, all those conversations this silly video took place – were they recorded? Who told the Globe. There are no sources, just a vague ‘Eastenders’ scene narrated by a female robot voice.

  3. Plumber says:

    Find a Diana look-alike, print some trash, make some cash.

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