Can we have a major war please?

They’ll never give up trying.  War is the main device the powers that should not be, use to maintain their power over humanity, and is the only way they’ll finally bring us into the One World Government that they dream of.   They try bating Russia for a while, crashing civilian airliners, carrying out coup d’etats in Russia’s traditional sphere of influence,  providing weaponry and military support to terrorists, anything at all in the hope that war will result.  China is due for a bit of bating, if the Trump pattern of behaviour continues, talking to Taiwan and receiving visits from top Taiwanese officials.  Nuclear weapons were being dropped on China not all that long ago, causing massive damage to commercial targets, all unreported in the main media.  So far Russian and Chinese nerves have held and they’ve resisted the temptation to strike back.


Putin allows his elite troops to volunteer to fight in Novorossiya, but refuses to send troops there under Russian command.  The takeover of Crimea was long expected regardless of NATO’s machinations and provocations.  It was brilliantly carried out working through third parties and using a democratic procedure.  The referendum – was a forgone conclusion.  Putin had to save Crimea and keep Sebastopol in Russian control or lose his navy.  It is the only warm water port available to him.  The Eastern provinces of Ukraine and Odessa are not so critical strategically but are nonetheless overwhelmingly loyal to Russia.  Had he attempted to hold a referendum in these places, he would have won a similarly overwhelming vote to rejoin Russia, as he did in Crimea.  But he didn’t want to stir the pot any more than necessary.

Up to that point, all well and good.  But what is Putin playing at allowing his ambassador to Turkey to feign an assassination?  Eight bullets were pumped into his body, but not one of drop of blood flowed onto the floor.  How have they managed to create an ambassador with no liquid contents?  It’s a miracle.  The story behind the assassination charade will take a long time to come out, I would imagine, as it doesn’t fit with the picture at all.  Why would Putin permit the charade to take place?  The same day the false event of the attack on the Berlin Christmas Market was given full media coverage worldwide.  Even relatively sane commentators such as Finian Cunningham are writing their articles as if these two were real events.  Why?

Are the final days of the Obama regime so dangerous and his ego so badly damaged that his lieutenants are forced to pretend to carry out some terror to quieten the raging going on back in Washington?  Did Putin agree to cooperate (the ambassador hoax) to offer some face-saving to the outgoing President?  Are all journalists in the alternative media going along with pretending they were taken in by it to help the cause of satisfying the desperation in The White House in having failed the Satanic Cult.  This was an attempt to even up the score without shedding any real blood.  Tragically the bastards have brought down the Tupolev over The Black Sea. (I see no suggestion anywhere that that was a false event)  And the Russian nation is sent into grief anyway.

There must be a lot of gnashing of teeth and gripping of chairs going on, while the world waits for Trump.  How much more damage can Obama do while he sits awaiting the Exit?  If he could still despite all, get a war started before Trump takes his seat, his Presidency (referred to by some now as his Residency) could yet be seen as a success by the Satanic Cult for whom he works.

Next he’ll be off to the UN post-Residency, some sources indicate,  where he can try to ram through TTIP and TTP, without any hindrance from the US.  Trump will be looked to by many to stop the destruction of the world’s economy and the crushing of national independence by these fascist devices, as well as to prevent WW3.  Not asking much really.  The Clinton/Obama/Bush rush to destroy us all as quickly as possible is hopefully going to be delayed, and a more intelligent version of the totalitarian domination of mankind will emerge.  The more people who are awake to what’s going on, the harder it will be for the dumb version of destruction of humanity to win out.  Trump wants to be cut in on the deal meantime.  That could slow things down for a few months at least.

Fact is he’s possibly being brought as someone to blame a financial crash on – a crash he’ll profit from as an insider who knows when it’s coming.  War makes money, but so too do financial crashes if you know when they’re coming.  Follow David Seaman from or his own site,www.alt/  He’s mentioned in the below from lifttheveil411 on youtube this week as a future interview.


Istan-Bull. Reina looks like yet another false event


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  1. Swiftdigger says:

    It does make make me wonder if Baba Vanga’s prediction that Obama will be the last elected president of the USA may still come to pass. Just a few weeks to go to see if this pans out to be the case. Interesting and very dangerous times we live in.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Trump will be sworn in as there’s an agenda. Not so much war this time, but a financial crash which Trump can be blamed for.

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