British MPs bought and paid for by Israel

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Galloway exposes the control of British MPs and ministers exercised  by Israel.  Al Jazeera documentary exposes the inside goings-on.  Half of Labour MPs have been taking the shekel.  There is a campaign from Israel to overthrow Corbyn, says Galloway.  Israel pays out to stop opposition to Israel’s occupation of Palestine.  The Labour Party is sold out.

Allow three to five seconds for the video to arrive.  It’s not youtube.  Half of Labour MPs are sold out to Israel, he says.  The majority of Conservative MPs are payees of the Israel lobby.

Slight setback in this openness from Galloway as he repeats the holocaust mantra, 6 million killed by Hitler.  Otherwise he claims the video shows that no one is safe from the scheming and power machinations of the Israel lobby operating in London.  It’s what we knew but it’s nice to have it spelled out.  The main Israeli political fixer called Boris Johnson ‘an idiot’.   That was the only slightly reassuring moment in this depressing expose of the truth behind British politics.  Has Boris managed to maintain a slightly independent view despite his apparent sell-out since becoming FS.

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Galloway’s general historical context seems to be remarkably biased in favour of Moslems, claiming they never attacked the Jews.  Take Iraq where half a million Jews were driven out of Baghdad in 1947.  Moslems see Jews as Dhimmis, to be exploited and used.  That’s why they don’t kill them as a general rule, although they obviously do in wars.  During peace, they use Jews to run the place and then squeeze the money from them, a bit like farm animals.

The second video demonstrates that Britain’s MPs and secret services are working to promote the Israeli cause of stopping Donald Trump.  It isn’t Russia interfering in the US election, but Britain, he says.




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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Why has Nosey Parker of MI5 allowed this TREASON to persist on his watch ?

    David Hearst & Peter Oborne discuss the Israel Lobby scandal

    Markus Wolf’s STASI was an Orwellian, police-state using disturbing methods and murky operations. ( see Melanie Shaw / Robert Green )

    Now being replicated in the UK by CFI’s darling puppet Wicked Auntie Theresa.

    The STASI that Markus Wolf created and led plunged Germany into state-sanctioned violence, tyranny, oppression, denial of civil rights/liberties of its citizenry, and otherwise spied on and surveillanced the entire East German population at the behest of their Oligarchs/Plutocrats, who insecurely clung to their own power in the face of ever growing populist awareness and revolt by the purposefully deprived masses.

    Indeed, this man Markus Wolf was by self-admission a sexual deviant and bully, similar to his mentor and protégé Lavrenty Beria, Secret Police Chief of former U.S.S.R. Prime Minister Jozef Stalin, who often kidnapped, raped, and murdered girls as young as 12 years old, leaving them dead by the roadside, often incorporating both personality foibles in his grip of control over each and every aspect of his captive East German population, as well as on foreigners who dared to get involved with his daily trampling on the human rights of the people who he was ordered to corral and control on behalf of his Oligarch/Plutocrat paymasters within the big banks, corporations, royal families, and other well-heeled but insecure financial sponsors within East Germany.

  2. RabbiT says:

    “During peace, they (Muslims) use Jews to run the place and then squeeze the money from them, a bit like farm animals.” Tapestry

    Could you elaborate Henry as this is a new take I have not come across, my understanding being it was allegedly Jesuits who were allegedly using Jews.

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