Assange is now sock puppet of the mainstream whether dead or alive

No one has seen Julian Assange since The Tap noted his removal from the Ecuadorian Embassy and his disappearance on November 8th 2016.  The information we were using initially came from which suggested Assange would not be seen again.

Reasons to believe Julian Assange is in CIA custody and WikiLeaks under duress.

Since then, nothing has occurred to suggest he has any free access to the media, or even that he is alive.  That said, it is noteworthy that Assange’s name is being used by mainstream media outlets who are claiming to be interviewing Assange.  Strangely he has undergone a change of heart and is now convinced Russia hacked the US elections, where earlier he said the information spilling out was in fact leaked. And that the agents who arranged the leak from the DNC had since been murdered.


Just compare what the media claims Assange is now saying, (without actually presenting him alive, or even on video), with what he was saying a couple of months ago when he was clearly still operating as a free individual.  Here is just one example.  The world could not find itslelf to thermo nuclear war without the removal of Assange.  We are all much the poorer now we have the media’s pseudo-Assange output backing up their lies.


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