Are Baxter Dimtry, David Hardy & Sean Adl-Tabatabai Fake Or Real?

Dear Sean Adl-Tabatabai,

We heard you on BBC R4 Today news this morning, 30.01.2017, with John Humphreys talking about ‘fake news’.

Wow, how come you were invited onto the BBC? At the end of last year your ex-colleague David Icke was talking about you; rather suggesting you were the source of unreliable news to say the least. Another of your ex-colleagues Richie Allen was banned from FaceBook for a week for sharing this article about Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Yournewswire. Did someone complain to block freedom of speech or did FaceBook do it themselves?

David Icke also posted:
Meet ‘David Hardy’ – or is it ‘Baxter Dmitry’ … Sean Adl-Tabatabai’s clickbait specialist at Yournewswire who writes libellous attacks on David Icke:
Why Do You Have Such Hatred Sean Adl-Tabatabai at

Can you enlighten us on who Baxter Dimtry or David Hardy or Sean & Adl-Tabatabai are? Are you separate individuals? Are you married? Are you all so intimate you are indeed all one and the same?

What a pity ex-BBC anchor David Icke wasn’t invited to the BBC flag ship news programme. It would have been interesting listening, wouldn’t it? But no, for some eason the BBC asked you.

If you Baxter or you David or you Sean are real, please comment here at TAP. Of course, all of you may not deem TAP prestigious enough now you have tasted the giddy heights of stardom at the BBC; the BBC who called you before Infowars or Jeff Rense or James Corbett or David Icke or Thomas Sheridan or 21st Century Wire or UK Column or any number of news sources referred to as ‘fake’ by the likes of the BBC.

It’s one thing to have the taxpayer funded BBC, but to have faceless or even and imaginary click bait presstittues also contributing toward the muddying of waters of truth and reliable information, well, it’s takes a ridiculous situation to another level of ridiculousness.

An example article by the one, the only, Baxter Dmitry:

Study Proving Vaccines Cause Autism Banned From Internet

Here is Icke’s message regarding The People’s Voice, the same Icke who worked with you at TPV; the same TPV I donated money to; the same TPV you apparently helped destroy.
Never mind, experiences were had and lessons were learnt; one being I’m bored with gay marriages and gender politics that push gender fluidity and non binary bolix.

If it was not bemusing enough to have Sean on the BBC this morning, John Humphreys then interviewed Jim Waterson, political editor of Buzzfeed UK to analyse ‘fake news’ Yep, that’s the same Buzzfeed that Donald Trump called fake news at his first press conference. Buzzfeed’s Jim Waterson said,

“…Well I think the distinction is less between websites and newspapers, and more between professional organisations and unknown organisations, so for instance Buzzfeed we view ourselves as a professional news organisation that just happens to publish only online and not in a newspaper….

Purely through a reputation we’ve built up over the last few years for doing proper reporting, and people are responding to that,
 John Humphreys also spoke to media ‘expert’ Suzanne Franks, head of the department for journalism at City University. Well, why ask e.g. Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire when we can have a University ‘expert’?
She wants a committee to monitor our news:
Well, I think the select committee are looking at some kind of way of stamping different news sources, which is one thing we could look at…”
Oh jolly good, because I can’t possibly discern news for myself, can I?! The mind boggles.

You can’t make it up, or can you?
Trump Calls CNN and Buzzfeed Fake News In Press Conference
Yeah, isn’t it great to have such a wonderful, fair, objective, reliable BBC funded by the taxpayer!? For those interested, apparently Buzzfeed is funded to the tune of $496.3 million including £400 million from NBC. Nice. So independent. I googled to find this here:

FYI TAP, while searching for the Trump clip I learn the Trump YouTube account I used to follow the US election is suspended:
In fairness, Hillary’s is suspended too:

Last night and today the BBC went on and on about Trump ‘racist’ immigration policy. Labour leader Jeremy’s bother Piers Corbyn has posted on FaceBook today:
“There is no #MuslimBan, calling it that is intellectually dishonest. It is a ban on refugees from countries that are harbouring terrorists.”

This is the petition to…
Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom:

TAP, shall we start a campaign to Invite President Trump to counter balance this?

Here is YouTube philosopher Stefan Molyneux view on:
What Pisses Me Off About President Trump’s “Muslim Ban”:


14 Responses to “Are Baxter Dimtry, David Hardy & Sean Adl-Tabatabai Fake Or Real?”

  1. Nollidge says:

    “media ‘expert’ Suzanne Franks,”

    For some strange reason,when I read that “Hava Nagila” started playing in my head.
    Jews do love to increase their control over we Goyim,don’t they?.

  2. emm jay says:

    “TAP, shall we start a campaign to invite President Trump to counter balance this?”

    It’s a big fat YES from me!

    • NPP says:

      YES! Do you think it could secure more signatures than the ban? I suspect it could. That would be hilarious.

      • emm jay says:

        Another big fat YES from me … there are many wise and ‘good dudes’ watching this.

  3. Gordon says:

    Re: NPP

    I think your being too judgemental of the men and not the content of what is being said. As soon as their names appear you immediately pounce on them because someone else has claimed their report to be unreliable.

    Well, I’ve always been a severely independent sort of character and in my long and experienced life I have read many an article written by renowned, and not so renowned, journalists coming out with facts somewhat alien to the truth which doesn’t mean to say the gist of their report is unreliable.

    All reporters er from time to time getting their facts wrong, probably more so these days than at any other time. One only needs to pick up any daily and it’s not too difficult to pick out the truth from fiction.

    Personally, whether it’s Baxter Dmitry, Sean Adl-Tabatabai or David Icke telling the story I couldn’t care less just so long as I see some semblance of truth while disregarding the chaff.

    • NPP says:

      Judgemental or not…. my gut feeling is Sean is full of shit.

      He raced out to be among the first gay marriages and I don’t do gender identity…. it bores me…. and I assure you gender differentials have been and are plenty in my life. I don’t do Buzzfeed either. This is a fun game for me and Buzzfeed is boring.

      He is no David Icke. I listened to him this morning and could not believe this twerp was on the BBC. Why him? Of all the independent sources, why him on BBC Today? Really, the whole fake news section on BBC R4 said: they are worried, they are clueless, John Humphreys retire! They do not get it.

      Each to their own Gordon. For me Sean is a full of it. I would not touch his articles. Do tell me one scrap of content he has provided that is original and worthwhile…. there are many others thoroughly worth while.

      I remember him from TPV days and something did not sit right. Gut feeling, not hard evidence and I do not lose sleep over it. But, if I meet dear little Sean face to face, I’ll ask for my money back and probably be a tad rude.

      C’mon Seany boy – where are you? Comment! Even better, Baxter comment!!!

      • Lanimer says:

        Failed to read this reply before commenting. I’m glad I’m not alone in having more than a hunch that Sean etc are the worst, spineless, useless jounalists around and for them to get any exposure from a grand stage on the BBC is amazing. They are doing a great job at making the alt-media look like a load of bollocks and will help the sheep have some ammo to use against anyone who is actually trying their hardest to push an honest newsfeed with investigative jounalism or blogging. They are a disgrace and any good hackers out there should take aim and fire. Sink their horrid little ship.

  4. Lanimer says:

    I’m pleased to see that the spotlight has been put on yournewswire on TAP at last. I was dissapointed to see any of their articles shared here as it is so clear that this is a very un-trustworthy site with selfish people behind it who care nothing for the truth and all for shock and clickbait BS. So many stories are way too far fetched to even the most open minded or even the gullable when they quote “inside sources” when it is Piers Morgan style journalism at best and that’s not good obviously especially when they are trying to tarnish a decent mans repuation like Icke, like him or not, he does his research, sticks to his guns and fights back in an appropriate manner. Plus he has done more good for the ‘altenative’ news hunters and opened up closed minds for many years now to be considered legit considering how often so many have tried to destroy him for good. Please TAP, no matter how great the story may be to share and read from that lot, ban their BS from this site. They do not deserve any credit for exposing news. They make the majority of it up with eye catching headlines but nothing to back up any of their articles. Thanks

    • Lanimer says:

      P.s. TAP, I found your site in 2009 whilst doing a search on something I need clarity on and found some personally very important back up info on many issues. Not many were political in the way things have been the last 2-3 years (understandably ie, Referendums, elections, EU etc) but what I really can’t get every piece together on, TAP often helps fill in the gaps of knowledge, particularly from the coming and going commenters who are fantastic! I check here every day no matter where I am. You’re doing a great job, I couldn’t do it, I would dis-info to the moon and back and realise it later and regret so I can’t blame anything slipping in that isn’t perfect or exactly my way of thinking. I don’t agree with everything that gets posted when it comes to propaganda as that is always open for criticism anyway but life would be boring if we all thought the same so keep up the good work as I say. I’ll keep on with you, Godspeed!

      • NPP says:

        Welcome comment.

        I too enjoy the wide range of issues posted and appreciate “Referendums, elections, EU etc” have perhaps been more heavily covered recently.
        TAP does suggest anything interesting is open to discussion.

        I hark on about the BBC, but that is because it my country’s taxpayer funded news and information service and it falls short everyday.

        I look forward to the when the BBC is so good, TAP can retire.

      • Synoptic says:

        A duplicate of Godlikeproductions run by Tavistock agents.
        Another site that blocks comments and is full of self righteous knowitalls clicky in their small circle who chop and change their minds to the current “in” theme to demonstrate their erratic points of view… …

        Tap blog I’m talking about.

      • Tapestry says:

        CHanging minds is not too bad a crime. We don’t block comments unless they’re annoying us. Any comment blocking is more usually done by someone else.

  5. NPP says:

    May be that was was Baxter leaving a comment TAP; the one with the flexible identity.

  6. Belyi says:

    I have been a follower of David Icke since 1990 and had the privilege of seeing him speak in 1996. As he says, the things he talked about which were written off as crazy are now coming true or are being featured in the MSM.

    He is so obviously authentic and his research is flawless. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his massive contribution to creating a better world.

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