Aldous Huxley describes the totalitarian state to come.

Population growth has effects on people’s freedom.  So claimed Aldous Huxley.   He blames an increase in government control on population growth.  Communists.  Catholics. Totalitarian state to come.

Over-organisation through technological advance.  Organisations get larger, with more and more people working as subordinates to big corporations.

Propaganda is another method of reducing peoples’ freedom.  Television being used to distract people all the time.  It says the same thing the whole time, drumming in one idea the whole time.

Drugs can be used to limit freedom.  To make people feel happy.  Or go to sleep.  Make people more docile.  (Fluoride etc)

The new world is just around the corner.

They will make man love his new slavery.

Subliminal projection is in use.  It works, and will, he claimed, be used increasingly in the future.

Control of children is another device for controlling society.  Children are an easy target for propagandists.  TV and radio fodder.

Brainwashing and training of mental slaves is possible and will be used.

Those who seek power will use all these devices.






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