Governments and their response to UFOs

We’ve stayed about from the UFO topic because it’s so covered in BS and fraud.

Here’s an intelligent talk on the subject, fact based and insightful.

Take away:

“It’s the nature of the National Security State to lie.”

What’s the truth?

There is something out there, they know it, they don’t know what it is – and it’s freaking them out.

It’s a shame they sponsors of this talk limited the time this guy had to speak, isn’t it?

We’ve stayed about from the UFO topic
because it’s so covered in BS and fraud.
Here’s an intelligent talk on the subject,
fact based and insightful.



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  1. The ufo situation . Is interesting and complex yet I’ve gone through it’s eye of the needle and become bored. I drew the line realising google news searching ufo news. Day after day I realised, I’m being lead around like a cow or horse with a rope or ring in it’s nose. Call it slow soft disclosure perhaps. But all the endless ‘ stories’ and ‘sightings’ the daily express dutifully reports. Yet always leaving us in the uncertainty lurch with never a close, clear, paradigm busting video over a football stadium and thousands of reactions . Because so much can be faked now on video even Trumps words out his mouth apparently.
    So where does this leave us on the ufo situation? Can any useful reliable crumbs, be inferred, gleaned?

    I keep a wide focus view. Viewing it all in broad broad brush strokes. It’s the only way. Then certain patterns and pretty much undeniable conclusions start to come to the fore without getting hoodwinked by whatever controlled opposition Establishment globalist Freemason Talmudist etc people that want us to go down their alley. I did read somewhere btw the entire ufo online ‘truth ‘ movement might be infiltrated by nonsense up to 90%. So it’s quite a job to separate wheat from the chaff. However fwiw I’ll offer my few thoughts
    Something , some big motivator. Is driving the cabal to get behind Disclosure . Whether about SSP issues or many others. There’s Disclosure pressures coming from somewhere. Whether due to factional good vs bad pressures. Or Solar system/ Galaxy natural events. Something’s pressuring the cabal in so many ways and these ways get dissected on Tapblog regularly in so many forms ranging from Smartmeters to Chemtrails and more. It might be both ? Factions and external events.
    It seems quite clear. The situation we find ourselves in. There’s a much much longer time period going on and our beloved elite bloodlines here with us now are the external visible head of all the mess of factions, secret societies. Good and bad. It’s a complicated deep mess.
    But I do honestly think. We must expand our minds into an interplanetary and interstellar war and parasitic viral infection that might have taken refuge on earth and made quarantine and this is our world now. Put it this way. How do we know the solar system and space is devoid of all life? Or 100 million galactic confederation crafts are now in the solar system for the final cabal takedown?
    Either scenario might be side of the mark. But let’s keep an open mind.
    Back to nuts and bolts thoughts on UFOs .
    – my friend Tyla from told me many of the UFOs (not all) but many of the light crafts. That split into 5 then 10 then fly around then merge then vanish . Are higher beings. Not aliens not SSPs. Were seeing them more now, because whether earths moving to a different part of the Milky Way. Or galactic central sun Thelemas spewing out much much more biophoton tachyon plasma particles activating our DNA which the cabal want to slow if they can. THE VEILS BETWEEN THIS WORLD SND SPIRITUAL WORLDS ARE THINNING AND AMAZING LIGHT CRAFTS BEIBGS AE GOING TO GET MORE
    Here are a few more of my random dot connecting points make of them what you will
    – free energy. Antigravity . Suppressed teachings of true physics where energy is unlimited. Exists as we know.
    – therefore some kind of hydra like octopus perhaps very compartmentalised maybe even totally breakaway secret space programmes exist.
    – I won’t bore the Tapblog reader but please look at Ben fulfords latest post. I hardly read him and don’t like how he slyly portrays the Royals and various others as being good guys . All battling the ‘khazarian mafia’. I don’t buy Fulfords simplistic BS
    – however. This week he’s discussed the merging of two separate realities. Our earth reality, and classified secret space Breakaway realities. Merging.
    – the question we must ask. Is what’s driving this?
    – I think it’s DNA spiritual activation due to biophotons from galactic central sun
    – I don’t think the cabal stand a chance. And their End Times bullshit has been to keep our DNA tightened into bundles. Not knowing where we are. UNABLE TO TAKE OUR LIVES AND EXISTENCE INTO OUR OWN HANDS.
    Icke is a great place to start but an awful place to finish. YOU need to design your own campaigns and your own survival strategies.

    • I forgot to say.
      I emailed Joseph a Farrell at Gizadeathstar. Quite a few times. He’s a guy I recommend is taken seriously. Just read his Gizadeathstar blog, the same topics that are so much covered on Tapblog .
      However he also offers his high octane speculations. Mostly on geopolitics and space and reading behind the bullshit news and headlines. He discusses vaccines and GMOs though too passionately . And many other topics if you use his search bar.

      I asked him about secret space programmes etc. seeing as he’s spoken at conferences. He’s very sober and non sensational.

      His words to me were: he does not take notice what David Wilcock says. Wilcock and Goode have taken his and others SSP meme from the conferences.
      I haven’t followed in detail what Joseph Farrell has said at SSP conferences though I did watch a full lecture. He has a phd from Oxford in patristics. He appears very fiercely independently minded. He’s not illuminati
      At the SSP conference in Texas in 2015. He said, WW1 and various agreements . Wernt just earth based conflicts. There was illuminati off world goings on too.
      Very fascinating, well argued.
      And much different from the simplistic stuff David Wilcock serves to us.

  2. Plumber says:

    Joseph Farrel likes to sell books.
    Richard Thieme likes to sell books…..and they both like the sound of their own voice….which are actually the same one if you listen very carefully.

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