Trump Press Conference Electric

5pm wine time .Cooking. I usually listen to the BBC PM presstitute news, but tonight had the tel-lie-vision on at the same time to watch the end of Trump’s press conference live on BBC News channel.
The BBC radio had Sir Christopher Meyer on to comment on Trump. What a plonker; utter bull oozed from Christopher’s mouth. Diplomatic language to compliment Sir Christopher? I’m an artist and fed up with bullshit over years of following current affairs. Meyer? Feck off! You do not get it.
“The press conference was subdued…”??
Christopher, were you watching the same conference as me? It was electric. You are either a fool or a bought and paid for tool. I wonder which.

Trump? Superb. Calm funny, direct. Best line… having dismissed Buzzfeed… it’s a pro-Clinton news site, he asked who the next ‘journalist’ was from. When told, he responded,
“The BBC news? That’s another beauty… ”
So perfectly put and a lovely put down. I wish we had a good national broadcasting service. We do not.

Oh, and while I’m about it. Mark Carnage, the Canadian (?!) head of the Bank of England, says Brexit is no longer the single biggest threat to the UK economy. You don’t say Mark – hey Mark. Feck off!

…. and as I looked for a suitable image, this video cropped up. Perfect.
SAVE THE DAY Response Trump | Thank You Famous Actors

Edit: The Trump pres conference:

By the way, it does snow in Turkey…
07 Jan 217 – Snow View From Rumelihisarı… looking at the Asian side of Istanbul from the European side.



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