Your Real-World Existence is in Danger

An Online Counter Measure is Needed to Secure it

BitWars · December 22, 2016

Regardless of what happened at the end of November and in the month of December in 2016, for most people in the world life in October was as ‘normal’ as it was going to be in 2017 and the decades after that.

After all, only a very few were already aware of the fact that the European parliament (on November 23), the US House of Representatives (on November 30), the US Senate (on December 8) and the Clinton dynasty (on November 9 and on December 8) had been declaring an open war on the citizens of the free world.


From the very beginning, this war has been very different than any other war that the world has witnessed before. Although this war is a hot war in every way, for most people it is a quite invisible war.

There are no conventional battlefields that are being televised or reported about by the mainstream news media; there are no daily updates on the number of casualties; no humanitarian missions are being conducted by the Red Cross, the Red Crescent or Doctors Without Borders; except for a very select few, no government is willing to acknowledge the existence of this war, and the reason for that is obvious. It’s a war that is being waged with total disregard for the constitutions of the nations whose governments have initiated it.

The aggressors in this war, as listed above, know all too well that they are waging an illegal war against harmless, and above all peaceful, citizens. Citizens who they are supposed to be protecting from exactly such kinds of attacks and wars.

The aims of this war – THE information war of the 21st century – are the limiting of free speech, the limiting of movement, the limiting of the right of association, the limiting of financial freedom, the limiting of self-determination and, most importantly, the extermination of the resistance against this war.

The tactics applied by the instigators of this war are scientifically fine-tuned psychological operations and weaponized information dissemination campaigns that all target the very core of the target subjects their perception and state of mind. Decades of dedication and expertise in the field have secured the successful rollout and implementation.


The battlefields of this war are numerous yet for most folks are hard to analyze on their own without proper guidance.

The two battlefields that are currently regarded as the main theaters of war are the internet and the human mind.

The internet is where most of the battles are being fought, to eventually be won or lost in the minds of men.

In late 2016 a new term suddenly became prominent, first online and later in the international press, for obvious reasons. ‘Fake news was the new buzzword and in one sweep it categorized and ensnared everything that was even remotely considered dissenting opinions, political incorrect content, anti-conspiratorial stances, unconditional truth and – more importantly – Russian or islamist extremism or propaganda (the original pretext).

The information war of the 21st century is unfortunately so far successfully being extended to the fields of education, finance, healthcare, justice, commerce and religion. All to eventually, hopefully, be lost in the minds of the people. And that is where the BitWars begin.


In order to preserve freedom on the planet, in order to safeguard the very existence of free peoples on all continents the international information rebellion has been forced, for the greater good, into the search for extensive innovations and guerilla counter measures.

The internet as most people know it has already changed for ever. Several important battles have been lost by the free people and the international information rebellion.

Websites are being censored by having their traffic diverted or killed on their front door step – by design.

Website visitors are increasingly being falsely informed that the website they were going to visit is not online.

Uploading of documents and sharing of links and webpages on social media networks is gradually being sabotaged and discouraged, when it concerns content that may be categorized as fake news or misinformation.

Youtube videos that are embedded in websites are being switched to completely different and unrelated videos that do not even come from the same channel or discuss the same material or topic.

Above video title: “Video Shuffle: Truth 101” – link:

Prominent internet forums are increasingly switching to “shadow banning” content that may be considered fake news or misinformation by those who dedicate their political carriers and dynasties to controlling the media narratives, the minds of the audiences around the world and eventually the core money streams of the international community.

Reddit has done so in several reported cases but it concerns in fact a far worse reality.

The Chinese government on its own turn has on several occasions been caught censoring and banning online content too. Like with Reddit and other venues, the banned content of the user is still visible to him or her but not for others. Effectively enforcing and maintaining the Chinese government’s Propaganda Bubbles Program.

And yet, as far away as China may seem for many, Twitter and Facebook have been doing the very same thing, allegedly in their government-approved fight against fake news.

And the list of tactics being used to sabotage dissent goes on and on, and that also includes the deleting of Wikipedia pages for instance when that company deems certain content, events or persons are unfit to survive the sands of time and books of history.

We have to sidestep this madness and confront the info terror syndicate head-on. With BitWars we can and we will!





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