You are being asked to fear manufactured threats designed for television and mass media.

Christmas is hell.  It’s the Saturnalia, the year end festival of Rome, the festival of Satan,  in which all pretence of normality is cast aside in favour of overindulgence, false bonhomie and ridiculous levels of unwelcome stress.  Families who otherwise would have no need of meeting each other at all, are forced to spend days in each others’ company.  They try hard not to see or hear what is being said and done by the others, to stay on good terms.  Things that you left behind decades ago and no longer believe in are presented all over again as the cultural normality, from which no deviation is permitted, each second a moment of pure torture, an insult to your intelligence, simply load and clutter for your mind.

Christmastime has nothing to do with Christianity.  Year end festivals existed throughout pre-history, simply as that is when the winter solstice lands.  The 21st December is the shortest day.  The 25th is the first day the sun starts working its way back towards the summer solstice exactly six months later.  It is preceded over the horizon by the three stars aligned into Orion’s Belt.  The festival is astrological.  The Three Kings are stars.  The ‘son of God’ is the sun.

The works of Ralph Ellis explain the origins of the Christian story.  King Izas fought a war against Rome and lost.  His vanquisher Vespasian became Emperor, and he paid Josephus Flavius to write the Gospels and made Izas into the cult figure of the new religion – Judaeism for the Gentiles – Christianity.  Izas was not a Christian.  He fought against Rome.  Vespasian had all the Druids massacred in Britain, and all gnostics too who were unable to pass on their knowledge of the world from then on.  Libraries were burned across the civilized world.  Millions died.

The Orange Order somehow survived.  They were followers of King Izas’ Nazarene Sect, who moved to France, under the guidance of Mary Magdalene.  Luckily they ultimately defeated Catholicism in Europe in battle, and the modern world was able to escape the clutches of The Vatican.  Otherwise we would still be living in fear of the priests every second of our lives.

The world is now threatened with another religion which wants to send us all back to the Stone Age.  The powers that once held humanity in their grip see religion as the best way to hold us all down, keep us in wars and in fear.  That’s how they like us to be.  No marks for guessing which religion that is.

If we can break free of these threats, the knowledge of how the earth and mankind survived to the present day can be found through the help of modern day researchers.  See

The sun we know is very recent in our skies – about 5 thousand years.  That’s all.  Prior to that, the earth was in alignment with Saturn and Jupiter, Saturn was our first sun, a huge unmoving presence in our sky.  Saturn was a collapsing star, however, and spewed out Mars and Venus, as it became a red dwarf and then a gas giant.  The earth was carved with thunderbolts, massive shots of electric current that dug out the features of our landscape like Death Valley.  No way was that eroded into being by the trickle of the Colorado River, which never was able to flow uphill.  Electric arcing from Mars created that feature and countless others.

All of history is a myth, fabricated to hide the truths you must never be allowed to know.  All myths are history.  The story of St George and The Dragon, for example, describes the electric battles that took place between Venus and Mars visible in our skies above,  about five thousand years ago.

Yet all this knowledge, which can be worked out from cave drawings inter alia, and so-called mythology, was destroyed by Christianity, by the Roman Empire, that is, not by King Izas who was a believer in scientific knowledge and development.  The Egyptians had a working steam turbine.  And electricity.  Onboard navigational computers have been found on ships two thousand and more years old.  Technology was destroyed.  All knowledge.  All understanding of who we are and how we were created too.  That true knowledge has been replaced a with a load of tosh.  Schools teach rubbish, as do universities.  Einstein was wrong, as was Newton.  Light is not the fastest thing in the universe, not by a long shot.  Communication over vast distances is instant – inexplicable according to what they teach us.

Anyhow sing your Carols.  And hymns.  Say your prayers.  Say Amen – a reference to Amen Ra – the absent God of Egypt – meaning Saturn, the former Sun.  The Satanic Cult that sacrifices children and babies runs the world.  They get you to say all kinds of things that praise their God, not yours.  Maybe the world is ready to stop going to war endlessly, as organised by the Satanists.  But first you will need to wake up and realise your mind is being controlled with false, state-organised terrorism, and propaganda.  Switch off your TV.  Stop reading newspapers.  They are there to keep you lost.  Reach into the internet and find the things that unravel the mental prison they have built for us.  Reach into yourself.  Fear is good when it’s fear of a real threat.  You are being asked to fear manufactured threats designed for television and mass media.  You owe it to yourself as a human being to awaken and start using your own mind.  As for your children, they will have no hope unless you start down the road of discovery.



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  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Thanks you. That is the best Christmas message that I’ve ever seen! With some great advice about escaping their mental prison.

    My best wishes to you Tap. Keep up the good work

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