Wake up, Australia. It’s time for your Standing Rock rebellion.

South Australia is also involving itself in environmental destruction with planned coalbed methane extraction – The Arkaringa Project has as yet no political opposition, and politicians there are hoping to push it through on the quiet.
The original plan was to make coal to liquids, as well as burn coal for power generation, capturing the carbon at the point of combustion and forming methanol by adding hydrogen.
The scientist behind it, was highly critical of Britain’s carbon capture planning which is expensive and totally wasteful of the captured carbon.  He died of cancer quite suddenly two years ago, and the economically brilliant, environmentally highly beneficial system was replaced with a coal bed methane plan, which is guaranteed to destroy the best underground water reserves in South Australia.  The British management was replaced with Chinese.  Worth a look.  I knew the original managers quite well.  Once the environmental lobby realises what’s afoot, they should start campaigning now, and revert to the original methanol plan.  Sounth Australia needs its version of Standing Rock to get going before the development gets into the drilling phase.
Also came in –
The Australian government wants to give a $1bn loan to a toxic coal complex next to the magical Great Barrier Reef, destroying the home of sea turtles and more. Join me and add your voice to stop this epically stupid plan: https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/australias_epically_stupid_plan_loc_new_use_me/?kolGKa

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