USAF is in full practice mode


Good Afternoon Harry,

Some news from the Dark Side (Joke!) The below mentioned USAF air activity is scheduled soon, and

earlier today 10-12-2016 at about 1046 UTC a flash message was sent in Morse to the Russian Fleet.

From the call signs it is believed it is the Mediterranean based fleet. No more as yet. Flash message

are quite common and may not indicate any impending action Regards, MARCONI

Subject: Large Scale “Total Force” Exercise at Tyndall AFB


Large Scale “Total Force” Exercise at Tyndall AFB

More than 50 aircraft from six installations are being hosted at Tyndall AFB, FL, for concurrent Large-
Scale Total Force air integration exercises Checkered Flag and Combat Archer. Air Combat Command is

organizing the live-fire training, which runs Dec. 5-16 and includes F-35A strike fighters, F-22 Raptors, F-

15E Strike Eagles, F-16 Fighting Falcons, HH-60G Pave Hawks, and E-3 Sentries, according to a press

release. In addition to Tyndall, assets and personnel have traveled from as far as Mountain Home AFB,

ID, and Tinker AFB, OK., to participate in the exercises, which are focused on “rapid global mobility,

precision engagement, and air and space superiority.” ACC created the 325th Air Expeditionary Wing for

the purposes of the exercise to organize three fighter wings and other participating units according to a

realistic battlefield environment. Combat Archer, which is held as many as 14 times annually, evaluates

weapons systems specifically in air-to-air exercises and regularly deploys more than 300 air-to-air

missiles in evaluating over 200 fighter aircraft per year, according to the release.

HC NOTE – During our recent family vacation last week, we drove past Eglin//Tyndall

AFB and saw an incredible number of aircraft of many types including an AWACS

plane. The array was incredible!


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