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  1. emm jay says:

    My gut feeling tells me that pizzagate is not only true but that their coded modus operandi is how they’ve successfully functioned, networked and got away with it … for a very long time. It’s chilling and it deeply disturbs me. The msm silence is deafening. There just aren’t enough lamp posts for the lot of them.

    • Human says:

      Yes, I expect they have more than one code, backups ect.
      The saddest part is knowing it involves police and intelligence etc., otherwise it could and should have been dismantled long ago, instead it is growing and protected and it’s participants nonchalant and apathetic to it’s victims and the public’s growing awareness.
      It knows it’s participants are the system administrators and law men so don’t care.
      It will only be stopped by the general public.

  2. Bigmoo says:

    The video was insightful. However, with a very strong warning yo those interested in occultist practice or magic. You may wish to understand this phenomenon. Perhaps you may be skeptical whether it is real or not. Understanding this is one thing, practicing or dabbling is another. The author suggests his awareness and understanding has helped him. His prerogative. I would strongly counsel anyone with a curiosity to not involve oneself. Without being too religious, it is strictly forbidden and unwise. Do not follow his example. A lot of what he had to say did strike a chord with myself and his understanding is fairly accurate. However ig is considered un-Godly and should be given a wide berth. You may increase your earthiy knowledge, but could end up involved in things with diminished returns.

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