The US Army Corps of Engineers never admits it makes mistakes. Standing Rock.

The US Army Corps of Engineers is a huge bureaucracy out of control.   Here is an insight into their role in situations like New Orleans and at Standing Rock.   They crewed up massively when they built the levees at New Orleans but this secret didn’t come out for ten years.  Projects under their supervision are taking place in every state in the Union.  They never admit they’ve made a mistake.

Re Standing Rock

The US Army Corps of Engineers grants the permits to the oil companies to instal pipelines.  The pipeline is intended to carry huge amounts of oil.  It will jeopardise water supplies in the area for generations to come.  The Corps has not carried out a proper environmental impact assessment. Three government agencies rejected the pipeline including the EPA.  They are very powerful operating illegally and getting away with it.  Eisenhower complained about the power of the Army Corps of Engineers.  Nothing has changed.


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