Holton Park Girls

Theresa May attended St Juliana’s Roman Catholic Convent School for Girls in Oxfordshire.

Case solved

She later gained a place at Holton Park Girls’ grammar school.

Holton Park school occupied the manor house and extensive grounds of the historic Holton Park estate, near Wheatley, from 1949 to 1971.

One of Theresa May’s favourite bits of Freemason music. Kitten-heeled Theresa

In the third term of her finals year at Oxford University, Theresa May took on the presidency of the Edmund Burke Society and came up with a series of motions for debate, including “That this House thanks Heaven for little girls“.

Theresa May – what lies beyond the public image?

Fiona CunninghamFiona Cunningham is Theresa May’s devoted spin doctor.

“For two years, Fiona has been in a close relationship with her colleague Charles Farr, 54, a former spy chief who runs the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism in the Home Office.”


Theresa May at the CST dinner with Gerald Ronson and Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. CST provides ‘security’ to Jewish institutions.

“In 2016, the UK government is committed to provide £13.4 million for security measures in the Jewish community in the coming year, Theresa May announced.”

Theresa May is a Friend of Israel.

PETER HITCHENS:“Using the excuse of terrorism – whose main victim is considered thought – Theresa May’s Home Office is making a law which attacks free expression in this country as it has never been attacked before.

“In a consultation paper attached to the Bill, all kinds of institutions, from nursery schools (yes really, see paragraph 107) to universities, are warned that they must be on the lookout for ‘extremists’”

Theresa May is part of the military-industrial complex. Theresa May vows to build new Trident.

Fake photo of Theresa May

“In the run-up to the 2015 election, one of the handicaps David Cameron had … was the fact that net migration to the UK was three times as high as he had promised it would be

“Theresa May was the cabinet minister actually entrusted with bringing migration down.”

Article Pulled By Telegraph After Pressure From Mossad or whoever.

“Theresa May is to Westminster what Cersei Lannister is to Westeros in Game of Thrones: no one who challenges her survives undamaged, while the welfare of the realm is of secondary concern…

“David Laws’ memoirs paint a vivid picture of a secretive, rigid, controlling, even vengeful minister, so unpleasant to colleagues that a dread of meetings with her was something that cabinet members from both parties could bond over.”

Article Pulled By Telegraph After Pressure From Mossad or whoever.

A Theresa May lookalike.


Theresa May


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The mad hatter head gear fits right on this beast.

Pope Pacelli-Ordained Saint Funnels 1000 Gold Bars To The Nazi Party-Stalin-Hitler-Himmler-Castro All Jesuits



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  1. Dublinmick says:

    Many thanks.

    She is in some pretty heavy weight company it will be hard to measure up to.

  2. Tom74 says:

    She is a stooge for others, without a doubt. The question is: Who?
    They are clearly people of immense power to be able to nobble the leadership election in such a way that three people stepped aside.

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