The Putin Trump love-in is just another hoax


LIft The Veil’s analysis of the Russian Ambassador assassination convinces me it was a clumsily staged false event.  The whole thing looks farcical when you examine the details.  That is par for the course, you might think, as a regular Tap Blog reader.  Many news events are false.  In fact, most.  Just look at the virdo.  Eight bullets and not one drop of blood.

But this one asks a further question.  You might understand why the CIA/Mossad might want to create an apparent reason for Russia to wish to declare war.  They are clearly trying hard to get some kind of action cooking, and it is made out that Trump is not so keen to get into a nuclear war as Clinton’s team.  Great act.

But what about Putin?  He laid on a large funeral for Karlov in Moscow on the 22nd December.  The false assassination could not have been staged without the agreement of the Russian government.  Putin also wants the Russian people stirred up to the point that they will support a major war with the West, it appears.  He is no doubt just another Israel controlled world leader, acting out his part as directed from central casting.

The narrative that Putin doesn’t want war, and is just waiting for Trump to take over and they’ll make peace, is now looking completely suspect.

Trump must know it’s all a big game to present himself as a peacenik along with Putin.  This assassination hoax shows that all are part of the war game.  The troops and weapons are being deployed by all sides in readiness for a pre-arranged war on a large scale which will give enormous powers to a One World Government, by its close.  We hoped for otherwise, but the assassination hoax shows the real situation is far worse, and war inevitable.  I can’t see any other explanation.

On the same note, Sharkhunters military intelligence agents have all gone very quiet saying they are being placed under threat.  You would expect a close down of all intelligence comment prior to a war being launched.  This from Harry Cooper –

BIG RISKS – S.E.I.G. Agent MARCONI tells us:

Good evening from UK Harry,

Respects and Christmas and New Year greetings to ALL your intelligence gatherers and

especially guys like MARCO POLO who are taking a damn sight bigger risk than I am in

gathering and disseminating this Intel. Stay safe and Happy New Year guys.

Very best regards from UK, MARCONI.

EDITOR NOTE – MARCONI is correct; none of our S.E.I.G. Agents are armchair

agents. Many are currently working in other Intel agencies around the world and

like MARCO POLO, literally risk prison and even their lives to send Intel to

Sharkhunters that is available nowhere else in the world. For what it is worth, two

of our S.E.I.G. Agents have gone silent a year or so ago and MARCO POLO

found it necessary to go silent for a while….we cannot go into that situation but we

hope to be hearing from MARCO POLO again and soon.


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