The evidence stacks up on pizzagate

Blessings to you and yours.

This is very serious evidence we just found (if you have the stomach for it):

Jaqui Farmer


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This is real, everyone – check the links. We would suggest that the solution to this is to petition Scripps Food Network to have all “Barefoot Contessa” Ina Garten’s shows featuring her friend Miguel Flores-Vianna removed from all public platforms. There is no evidence that Ina has committed any crime but she may be inadvertently promoting a man who is dangerous to children: children regularly appear on her shows and the police have not conducted any investigation into him. We have not reported this yet but you may wish to do so. Thanks for reading:

Here’s a preview of the material for your interest as a “taster” (pass the sickbag) before reading this explanation – all links are listed at the end:

And try this yourself, if it still works – a Google search of Miguel’s website and see what results:

IF YOU DO THIS, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LIVE LINKS – YOUR COMPUTER WILL BE INFECTED WITH ADWARE (OURS IS) AND YOU WILL BE TAKEN TO HARDCORE PORN SITES – CLICK ON THE CACHED VERSION!!! (Find the grey down arrow to the right of the search results that appear and choose Cache.) London

Ask Google to display the dates of the uploads (e.g. Tools – Anytime – Last year). Get it? Lots of the material was uploaded well before Pizzagate.

Miguel Flores-Vianna was/is one of Jimmy Comet’s Instagram Followers (see Titus’ vids).

You can confirm this by going to 30 or so mins on this Titus vid:

Miguel, pictured here

is a columnist and photographer, working for publications such as Architectural Digest and the NY Times Magazine. His Instagram account evidences international travel in opulent settings and close friendships with aristocracy. He has over 50 000 Followers on Instagram: considered a taste-setter, he lives the high life.

But might Miguel also live a double life? We recently found hardcore pornographic text and links on his website. According to Google, most of the material was uploaded months before P-Gate, suggesting that PG may not be a psy-op. We cannot know for sure so are publishing, and have archived, this evidence for others to examine. But first, a little background:

Miguel does not appear to be married or have children but refers to a “partner”. He shares his London address with another man who also works in the art world. His Instagram tells us that he works – and has friends and contacts – in many countries, including the US: on the East Coast in particular. He has posted on Instagram photographs of Virginia, Washington DC and Upstate NY but few of the rest of the US.

Many of the Washington DC “Power elite” live in “The Hamptons”. These, also known as the “East End” are a group of villages and hamlets in the towns of Southampton and East Hampton, which form the South Fork of Long Island, NY. The area is easily accessed by private plane or helicopter and features some of the US’ most expensive residential properties. The Clintons have a house there. The area also includes the town of Montauk, notorious in the alternative media for rumours of ritual abuse and mind control.

One big Hamptons resident and friend of Miguel Flores-Vianna is previous White House employee and TV Food Network celebrity Ina (pronounced as in “vagina”) Garten, otherwise known as the Barefoot Contessa.

Ina is married to Jeffrey Garten, who was/is also in politics. This is Ina cooking pizza:

Ina brings her friends into her shows: Miguel Flores-Vianna is just one of her regular guests. In this Food Network Channel episode, Miguel helps Ina set up a party for friends’ children.

(Is the girl featured at the end the same girl who was touched inappropriately by Jo Biden? It sure looks like her.)

The idea that the refined and polished Miguel – a man who, if not aristocracy himself, is welcomed into and moves freely within those circles – had stooped so low as to follow a pleb like Jimmy Comet on Instagram piqued our interest so we started to investigate.

We used Google to search Miguel’s website for connections in other countries. A search for Brussels yielded no results (try it) but when we searched for London, these results came up:

Delaware Western Pleasure Horse Trainer – Miguel Flores-Vianna
… Delaware Western Pleasure Horse Trainer female horse Gang bang in my wife Bleeding in anus Escorts of Delaware Western Pleasure Horse Trainer london …

Tied Gllery Transvestite — Info! – Miguel Flores-Vianna
… hentai clip Mature Tied Gllery Transvestite milf fuck Ladyboys+london Webcam solarium Topless busty Naked Tied Gllery Transvestite stocking “female group …

Some facts about Fre Erotic Spanking Stories – Miguel Flores-Vianna
… red head photos Fre Erotic Spanking Stories Marie louise london busty escort Voyeur masturbation video Free porn pictures masturbation Fre Erotic Spanking …

Fist Fetich – Miguel Flores-Vianna
… cum filled Fist Fetich cock Hustler anal intensive 1 Mistress vanessa bdsm dominatrix londonbdominatrix+london/ Models girls underwear Fist Fetich porn pics …

! Malayali Sex Free Videos – Miguel Flores-Vianna
… women fucking Malayali Sex Free Videos Best foreign erotic movie rating Fist picture London schoolboy escort Free Malayali Sex Free Videos mature lesbian …

Miguel Flores-Vianna Interior Photography
… sex movi Brazilian Bikini Photo White discharge vagina itchy Innoue nude Gay firefighter porn Bisexual london escort Bbw prostitutes Beautiful Brazilian Bikini …

Prazer Sexual – Info! – Miguel Flores-Vianna
… muscle women Prostate Prazer Sexual milking vids Nassau bahamas web cam Lion movie porn Girl sucking a Prazer Sexual girl dick London uk indian escort …

! Une Femme Lib̩r̩ РMiguel Flores-Vianna
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About: Le Journal Des Femmes – Miguel Flores-Vianna
… Le Journal Des Femmes massive phallus hung Rent boys in london Teen porn movie trailer Le Journal Des Femmes Cracked password for gay sites Heather …

(There was also a Brazilian phrase that we have archived but it has since disappeared, suggesting that the website has not been hacked – it is still being used.)

It looked as if Miguel had uploaded H-core P!

As we clicked on each of the live links, we were taken to pornography websites. They did not appear to be offering any illegal material. Our computer was infected with adware, just one reason not to try this at home. One of them even offered Pizza but just showed women answering the door to delivery guys or penises on pizzas, that kind of thing.

Google tells us that Miguel’s website MAY have been hacked. But also according to Google, each of these pornographic pages had been uploaded on a different date. If Miguel’s website been hacked, wouldn’t all the upload dates have been the same? And wouldn’t Miguel have noticed and taken it down?

Google also tells us that the pornographic texts were uploaded months ago, some more than a year ago. This was before P-Gate erupted. So if this material forms part of a psy op, then that psy op has been been long in the making – and either Miguel Flores-Vianna has agreed to sacrifice his reputation or has been set up by someone with access to his website. This could be possible: we are not accusing anyone of committing any crime, we are just sharing what we found so others can decide.

When we clicked on the Cached pages we found pages of hardcore pornographic click bait, referencing YOUNG a lot.

Throughout this investigation, we have had to look at extreme hardcore material, some of it involving zoophilia. It has not been easy to view so many examples of our society’s degradation. But we can say on the basis of first hand experience that it is not unusual for p-graphic websites to show pages of similar clickbait.

The titles and content of each Cached page contain unusual phrases such as “Delaware Western Pleasure Horse Trainer” Western Pleasure is, we learned, a horse riding style; but what does Delaware have to do with it in a pornographic context? We do not know. Might these be code phrases designed to offer information to people with inside knowledge? We do not know but just in case they do turn out to be that, we ran Google searches for each phrase and have archived those results for researchers.


1 Delaware Western Pleasure Horse Trainer

2 Fist Fetich

3 Tied Gllery Transvestite — Info!

4 Fre Erotic Spanking Stories

5 ! Malayali Sex Free Videos

6 Prazer Sexual – Info!

7 ! Une Femme Libéré

8: Brazilian Bikini Photo — all info here!

9: About: Le Journal des Femmes

10: Male Masturbation Duration Average | all info here! (no cache)

11: ! 1980 Free Porn Movies (appeared with the search Amsterdam)

12 Naked Mother (appeared with the search Paris)

As we searched for these phrases, we found two near-identical websites using the same WordPress theme and showing the same person. Both reference children. Both websites are hosted on different dns (as far as we can work out – we have kept screen shots) so they may have nothing directly to do with Miguel Flores Vianna. But this does suggest organised distribution of some kind so we hope that some of you will be able to investigate this further. Both of these sites are supposed to be “Dating” sites (the alleged Hampstead abuser and CP distributor Ricky Dearman ran a dating site). at
and at

These sites were found using Miguel’s keywords. His name comes up a lot on porn searches. Another one is this, which appears to reference snuff;


Next, we saved Miguel’s site as a Webpage. An unknown application of the archaic file type “MS DOS” downloaded along with it. As this is irregular, we asked members of the Steemit technical community to open it safely for us. The application, it turned out, was not MS DOS but a .html file saved under the MSDOS file extension. We have not copied the html code here because it appears to confuse the Steemit page preview but we will find a way of posting it later.

But is the code suspicious? Might it contain encoded information or instructions? Why save it as MS DOS? Why did this file download separately from the website? Is this a mistake? We are not html experts so have no idea. Can anyone help?


While we were investigating deeper, we found this large hardcore porn site advertising Miguel’s videos. Please do not access it at home: we have archived it. We believe that this may be a decoy site designed to either mislead or exploit P-G researchers, using MFV’s name as clickbait. at

The archive is confusing – for a better idea of what this site is about and to get an idea of its size, we suggest Googling the url.

We believe this is a fake site because of the web analytics. If anyone knows anything about this, then check and look at the site profiles – Miguels’ analytics are really weird (these analytics are serious evidence so we have archived them, too) and if you check in Similarweb, you will see that nearly all the material was uploaded AFTER Pizzagate. Most site visitors are from Turkey so the site owner may be using “Isis” as clickbait, too.


1: Cached version of Delaware Western Pleasure Horse Trainer

1 a: Archived version of Google search for “Delaware Western Pleasure Horse Trainer”

2: Cached version of text Fist Fetich Fist Fetich

2a: Archived version of Google search “Fist Fetich”

3: Cached version of Tied Gllery Transvestite — Info!

3a) Archived version of Google search for “Tied Gllery Transvestite — Info!”

4: Cached version of Fre Erotic Spanking Stories

Archived version of Google search “Fre Erotic Spanking Stories”

5: Cached version of ! Malayali Sex Free Videos

5a: Archived version of Google search “! Malayali Sex Free Videos”

6: There was no cache for the page Prazer Sexual – Info!

6a: A Google search for “Prazer Sexual – Info!” brings up just one result:

7: Cached version of ! Une Femme Libéré

7b: Archived version of Google search for “! Une Femme Libéré”

A search for ! Une Femme Libéré brings up various non-pornographic websites in French, including a Dossier: recension des affaires de fausses accusations d’abus sexuel (Dossier of cases of retractions of false sexual abuse). That site has been archived here:

8: Cached version of Brazilian Bikini Photo — all info here!

8a: Archived version of Google search”Brazilian Bikini Photo — all info here!”

9: Cached version of pornographic text About: Le Journal des Femmes

9a: Archived version of Google search About: Le Journal des Femmes”

10: There was no cache for the page Male Masturbation Duration Average | all info here! A Google search for that term did not bring up any interesting results but we archived it anyway:

11: Amsterdam result: “! 1980 Free Porn Movies”

Amsterdam archived

12 Paris result: mfv search “Naked Mother”

Google “NakeD other”

Thanks in particular to the friend whose idea kicked us off and to the Steemit trail teams who have been so supportive.

Cheers! Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates it. Check back for more evidence soon.

TAP — I’ve no idea who these folk are, but Jaqui Farmer, a former contributor to the blog, thinks this is important evidence relating to pizzagate.


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