One Response to “The Cruellest Hoax, Israel’s Fake History – The David Icke Videocast”

  1. RabbiT says:

    While I agree with much Icke says I do take issue with the claim that the Almighty of the Old Testament is an “angry, vicious, bloodthirsty God”. Such is biased. Read Proverbs for example to get a handle on what is Godly in the OT.

    Icke’s reference to “ancient texts written by who knows who who knows when” is nonsense.

    There have probably been millions of books written on these ancient texts these having been studied for thousands of years by thousands of scholars clearly some better than others Icke demonstrating his ignorance or more likely bias on the subject.

    It is as though no one examined such until Koestler appeared in 1976 with his 13th Tribe.

    The OT does frequently talk about bringing Jews to a homeland but having been scattered this return is man made but known by God and He is using such to complete His plan.

    Don’t get me wrong there had to be a Judas to fulfill the plan of salvation but He was not pleasing God for sure.

    The more one sees of Israel the more one sees evildoing not Godliness.

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