The British people – that’s you and me – are sovereign

Rule of Law Campaign – Big Push for 2017

BCG Rule of Law Campaign – Big Push in 2017

To all members and supporters of the British Constitution Group

Dear friends,

What have we actually achieved in 2016?  Answer – a huge amount!

Our country is now under attack like never before by the global financial and corporate elite with their insidious process of globalisation.  As the UK Column ( exposes almost on a daily basis, our nation’s sovereignty and ability to defend itself, not to mention our fiscal and societal well-being, are being deliberately distressed whilst an Orwellian control system – a police state that harnesses and utilises advanced surveillance and ‘smart’ technologies – is being unlawfully assembled before our eyes and put into place by a treasonous political class which blatantly serves the interests of the City of London and the global financiers rather than us, the people.  It’s now up to all of us who have connected the proverbial dots and who have smelt the proverbial coffee to now redouble our efforts in 2017 to expose and arrest this criminal process!

On the last day in July of this year, over a hundred BCG supporters and activists gathered in Nottingham and unanimously endorsed the new campaigning epithet ‘The Rule of Law’ to unite all the different groups who are campaigning to expose and arrest this process of globalisation.  Then, on November 19th in Winchester, the ancient capital of Alfred the Great, known also as the Lawgiver, around 500 people came together to unanimously endorse the Winchester Declaration  (see text below) – a very public line in the sand has been drawn from which we will not retreat but will advance (

Our elected servants in Parliament are being served notice.  The BCG’s new Rule of Law campaign will flush out those who treasonously serve the globalists’ agenda in the corridors of power by challenging them with the Restoration Amendment).  If an MP cannot wholeheartedly and publicly endorse the common sense and veracity of this detailed document (written by our friend and ally Kenn D’Oudney from the Democracy Defined Restoration Campaign) that simply requires the full and immediate restoration of our Trial by Jury Common Law Constitution (and which, most importantly, confirms the absolute right of a randomly selected jury to annul unjust legalisation passed by Parliament – the people’s ultimate defence against political tyranny), along with the immediate restoration of Sovereign National Credit by the bringing back of the 1914 Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound, then we will know that that particular MP is working on behalf of the corporate and fina ncial gl obalists and not for his or her electorate’s best interests.  And when this reluctance to embrace the proven truth is exposed, then that particular MP will find himself or herself facing not only a backlash from the electorate but also possibly from the due process of law, the Common Law, as the charge of Malfeasance in Public Office may be considered appropriate. The gloves are coming off against those who are elected to serve our best interests but who persist in serving the interests of others.

And let’s get one thing absolutely straight – we are not rebels, we are restorers……restoring our God-given inalienable rights that no man or woman can take away from us!  And where Parliament is concerned, with its unlawful corporate and statute micro-management of our lives, let me share this wonderful quote I found a few days ago by Roman commentator and historian, Publius Cornelius Tacitus (AD 56 – AD 117) who said “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws”.  How true, how true!

At the risk of repeating myself, Parliament today would appear to be nothing more than a cesspit made up of political parties which, in turn, are made up of, and led by, self-serving and ambitious politicians who work for the City of London and the elite debt-creating financiers and their enslavement system of globalisation rather than for the best interests and total well-being of their electorates.  Like the mythical Augean Stables, the whole rotten edifice, known as the ‘Westminster Bubble’, stinks and needs flushing out with the undeniable truth, common sense, common decency and, above all, the Common Law, the Law of the Land. We need to see ourselves in the BCG Rule of Law campaign as the modern day equivalent to Hercules!

And Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, who both appear to be thoroughly decent and honourable people on the surface but who presently will not go where the provable truth is (despite the fact that they both signed Early Day Motion 748 in 2013 calling for the immediate restoration of the debt-free, interest-free Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound but who, now they no longer enjoy the relative anonymity of the back benches, steadfastly refuse to go public on Sovereign National Credit) must be openly, but politely challenged without delay – the country and the British people are suffering far too much to allow such inaction to delay the restoration of a proven and historical solution for dealing with austerity and corporate tyranny whilst at the same time effectively collapsing the financial global elite’s house of cards.

As the so-called ‘Brexit’ debate and process are starting to show us all too clearly, we currently have a system of unlawful and corrupt governance that is hell bent on imposing and maintaining an alien and corporate tyranny on all of us.  In 17th century Britain, the people suffered from having monarchs who believed passionately in the Divine Right of Kings.  Today, in Parliament, we now have politicians who sincerely believe that they too have a divine right to rule over us.  This is, to use a wonderfully vulgar and very British phrase, absolute bollocks!  These creators of legislation – the thousands of statutes, acts, rules and laws that now micro-manage our lives to our detriment – need firmly putting back into their boxes.  Members of Parliament are nothing more than our elected public servants and they need reminding of this.  And they also need to be reminded, politely but forcibly, that their current refusal to work completely within the framework of our Trial b y Jury Common Law constitution, as confirmed by the 1215 Great Charter, Magna Carta, is going to get them into very hot water indeed. The British people – that’s you and me – are sovereign and are ultimately in charge whether the politicians like it or not!

Now we come to the new campaigning year of 2017.  Those leading members in Parliament and the Judiciary who are deliberately and consciously working for the unlawful interests of the City of London and the corporate globalists (and who are almost certainly behind much of the child abuse and high level paedophile rings that are prevalent today) are now becoming increasingly desperate as more and more people, the proverbial ‘ninety-nine per cent’, wake up to the truth as to what’s really happening to the British people.  The rest of the well paid ‘system-servers’ or ‘useful idiots’, in other words the bulk of our MPs and members of the legal profession, suffer in varying degrees from ignorance, arrogance and cowardice.  Many of them know exactly what is really happening but haven’t got the backbone or moral fibre to do anything about it, preferring instead to look the other way…..isn’t that right, Tim Farron?

Armed now with the Winchester Declaration and the Restoration Amendment, we, in the BCG Rule of Law campaign, along with our friends and allies in the Democracy Defined Restoration Campaign, need to mobilise and organise fast so that by the end of 2017 our campaign to wake up the nation as to how the corporate and financial elite unlawfully control us has become a mass movement that cannot be stopped.


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  1. UglyTruth says:

    “In general … government should be reposed in such persons, in whom those qualities are most likely to be found, the perfection of which is among the attributes of him who is emphatically styled the supreme being; the three grand requisites, I mean, of wisdom, of goodness, and of power… These are the natural foundations of sovereignty, and these are the requisites that ought to be found in every well-constituted frame of government.” ~ Blackstone

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