TED HEATH Just the Tip of the Iceberg: Elite Satanism, VIP Child-Abuse Networks & the Potential Collapse of the State…

It has become increasingly evident in the last several years that if the full truth about possible Satanic/ritual child abuse among the British Establishment (and beyond) ever comes out, we could witness the complete collapse of the Establishment.
Indeed, other Western Establishments may follow, as the (alleged) cover-up appears to stretch beyond national boundaries.

These current allegations against Edward Heath are nothing new; but the fact that the longstanding police, legal and media embargo against openly investigating or naming ‘VIP pedophiles’ has been bypassed in this instance could be indicative, on the surface, of a bigger push being made. Wiltshire police are appealing for “anyone who believes they may have been a victim” of the former Conservative leader to come forward with information and today it is being reported that multiple witnesses have already come forward.

On the other hand, it is entirely unlikely that a full, comprehensive investigation into the true extent and nature of alleged (and I use the word ‘alleged’ where necessary, because much of the online commentary about these stories neglects to separate proven fact from mere speculation, theory or allegation) Westminster sex crimes and VIP child-abuse networks in general will be conducted or disclosed any time soon; because if it was, it would destroy this country. That’s not an exaggeration; it really could cause a governmental and societal collapse on an unprecedented scale, demanding a country-wide ‘vote of no confidence’ in the state, and if the truth was openly admitted it would destroy Britain’s reputation and standing in the world overnight.

Why? Because – if even some of the stories and claims are true – Ted Heath would just be the tip of the iceberg in a longstanding conspiracy that would involve a number of high-profile British politicians, including former Members of Parliament, the Royal Family, the aristocracy, the police, the legal realm, etc, and would involve child-abuse, (alleged) Satanism and (alleged) child murder on a scale that even the most morbid horror-novel author would never have conceived of. 

I have to admit to significant surprise that Heath is even being openly investigated. Ted Heath wasn’t just an MP – he was the Prime Minister of this country.

Why an open inquest into Heath’s behavior is now occurring, I’m not sure, given how much else appears to still be being covered up; but it may be that Heath, being another conveniently deceased perpetrator (like his friend, Jimmy Saville), is simply being thrown to the public as an offering by the Establishment in the hopes that Heath might be portrayed as just a ‘bad egg’.

The degree of independent research and alternative media coverage of the VIP child-abuse and historic allegations in recent years means that the Establishment is now, for the first time ever, in a position where it has to acknowledge the existence of these crimes to some degree and cannot simply sustain the blanket cover-up; particularly after the exposure of Jimmy Saville’s decades of extraordinary perversions raised all kinds of questions even in mainstream media.


Their solution might be to throw a few scraps into the public domain – limited only to deceased individuals – to make it look like they’re taking it seriously and doing something about the problem, while in reality the bigger cover-up can continue. Because it would have to; if the kinds of allegations we’re talking about are true, then anything less would be the collapse of the state. We’ve already had two high-level pedophile rings under D-notice for 100 years; and the government file exposing Leon Brittan only happened to be released, remarkably, the day after Brittan died.

The allegations against Heath, who died in 2005 aged 89, emerge amid a rash of other claims of high-level Establishment figures systematically abusing children, with their crimes being covered up by the government, intelligence services and the police. Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan, both high-profile British politicians and both friends of Heath (and Saville), are among those now openly discussed; but also among those not being discussed in MSM are allegations implicating such high-profile figures as Peter Mandelson, and even as far back as Enoch Powell.

It was only recently admitted that former MP Cyril Smith had avoided prosecution because other Establishment offenders feared he would spill their secrets in court. Lancashire detective Jack Tasker had spent years compiling child-abuse evidence on against Smith only to have his investigation shut down and to be threatened with the sack himself. Tasker maintains there was a network of spies and obstructions both at a local and national level that operated to protect Smith from being brought to justice. It emerged earlier this year that Smith had in fact been arrested at a sex party with teenage boys, but that the police were ordered to cover it up and were threatened with prosecution under the Official Secrets Act if they failed to comply.

Scotland Yard now stands accused of orchestrating and maintaining at least 14 separate cover-ups of VIP pedophile rings and child sex abuse; this is without question a policy, spanning more than 35 years, of the police protecting ‘untouchable’ VIPs and systematically shutting down legitimate inquiries that threaten to penetrate into the very core of British government and Elite circles.

Investigating this spiraling vortex of corruption and iniquity now means not only trying to get passed the Official Secrets Act and all the protection around VIPs and Westminster, but having to get passed surrounding layers of police corruption. The Official Secrets Act in Britain is an extraordinary piece of legislation designed to send to prison anyone who becomes a problem; no explanation is needed, no details required, other than the simple phrase: ‘charged under the official secrets act’.

The Independent had reported allegations that Leon Brittan had abused a pre-pubescent boy at the infamous Elm Guest House in mid-1982, with later allegations reported that Brittan had been photographed attending a rent-boy orgy in 1986 and that young boys were picked up at Kings Cross and delivered to a North London property to be repeatedly raped. Again, the day before the intended arrests of Brittan and various other high-profile figures including Cyril Smith, the 1986 investigation was scrapped and went no further.

Inquiries into why Britain’s Home Office mysteriously lost 100 files documenting allegations of an organised pedophile ring involving politicians have also stalled recently, with the panel’s chair stepping down, due to a conflict of interest. Tony Blair is reported to have blocked the exposure of famous names in law, business and politics, including some in his own Cabinet, during the police investigation known as Operation Ore, which itself spun off from an FBI investigation called Operation Avalanche in the US.

The numbers involved in both investigations were eye-watering: in Operation Ore there were a reported 7,250 suspects identified, with 4,283 houses searched, 3,744 arrests made, 1,848 people charged, 1,451 convictions, 493 cautions, and some 140 children removed from suspected dangerous situations. Operation Avalanche in the US produced 35,000 Internet records, but only 100 charges. In all of this, there were no high-profile perpetrators publicly identified.

In 2006 in the US, an alleged 5,200 people at the Pentagon (you know, the same Pentagon that conducts war on other nations) were investigated on child pornography charges. ‘Operation Flicker’ came to a halt after eight months, with 1,700 people still having not been investigated.

Current Prime Minister David Cameron was CEO of Carlton Television when they scrapped and confiscated a documentary on the same subject; indeed, Cameron stands accused of directly engaging in the cover-up to protect high-level political figures from being identified, while his friend William Hague was known to have impeded a major pedophile-ring investigation in Wales.

This cover-up is institutionalized and spans decades (or more); it is a cover-up that, frankly, has now become necessary for the survival of the British State itself and for Britain’s credibility both at home and internationally.

We are not talking about expenses claims or financial improprieties; we are talking about widespread, institutionalized child abuse, child murder and possible Satanism involving some of the most highly-placed individuals and groups of people in society.  We live in a world where the likes of David Cameron and William Hague can quietly scrap important investigations into allegations of widespread pedophile networks while in the next breath wage a war of all-out destruction in Libya, while glibly issuing proclamations like “Gaddafi Has Lost All Legitimacy and He Must Go”.


The cover-up virtually knows no limits. When known pedophile Thomas Hamilton went into Dunblane Primary School in Scotland (1996) and shot dead 16 children, the Scottish judge Lord Cullen declared that a number of vital documents relating to the case be locked away “for a hundred years”, this being apparently to protect the victims and their families. In fact, the allegation stands that it was to protect The Establishment. Because Hamilton, like Jimmy Saville, may have been a “procurer” of victim-children for Satantic/ritual abuse.

After the impeded inquiry into the shootings, no less than 106 documents were closed to the public for a century.

Elsewhere, Mary Moss and Christopher Fay made serious allegations of child sex abuse by scores of rich, powerful individuals at the infamous Elm Guest House. Mary Moss had her house raided by the Metropolitan Police and another ‘unknown, unspecified police unit’, who proceeded to destroy any and all incriminating evidence she had gathered of the Elite pedophile rings. But she managed to photograph some key evidence – including the alleged VIP pedophile list – and upload it to the Internet before they’d arrived. Including on this list were MI5 agents, a QC, the Head of Richmond Social Services, social workers, pop stars, and MPs including Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan.



In fact the first I had ever heard of Edward Heath was via the researcher and author David Icke about fifteen years ago. One-time BBC presenter Icke, who was ridiculed by the mainstream media for years and essentially banned from television, named Ted Heath as a serial pedophile and child killer in his self-published book, The Biggest Secret, first published in 1998.

In a radio interview, Icke said; ‘I knew that he was involved in some serious horrendous things, like sacrificing children, and all this stuff, because of people who had seen it. And a lady I knew, who had contacted me, wanted to tell me about her experiences with Ted Heath… and satanic ritual involving the elite of Britain.’


Icke also claimed to have had a strange encounter with Heath in the make-up room of a BBC studio, in which the former Prime Minister’s eyes “turned completely black”.

Now, of course, let’s acknowledge the possibility that Icke was simply wrong or that he made things up. But the claim that Ted Heath was a practicing Satanist is made by several people. The notion of the Prime Minister being a Satanist might be disturbing, but again, Heath is only the tip of the iceberg. There are potentially any number of people holding high political office, including Prime Ministers and Presidents, who might well be involved in the same activity; and this extends of course through the royal elites, the intelligence community, and the various big money professions and is not limited to the UK. Barrister Michael Shrimpton, an Intelligence and national security consultant, has also long claimed that Heath was a pedophile who murdered his young-boy victims, often by throwing them into the sea after he had abused them on his yacht.

Again, this is a Prime Minister of the UK we’re talking about. The evidence is abundant that Saville wasn’t just a pedophile himself, but a “procurer of children” for other powerful offenders, including high-profile politicians, the most famous of which would’ve been Heath. Again, let’s be clear that these claims against Heath are still only allegations – as far as official investigation is concerned, there is no proof; and we therefore shouldn’t go around stating that Heath is guilty of these things.

But even if you were to remove Heath from the equation entirely, there would still be a whole world of controversy to contend with.

It is quite clearly demonstrated that Jimmy Saville was a steady supplier of young boys for high-level ‘clients’ – many of them from the Jersey children’s home, ‘Haut de la Garenne’, with the full cooperation of those who ran the home. ‘Haut de la Garenne’, for those who haven’t heard of it, was a children’s home on the (allegedly) Satanist island of Jersey, where human remains were found and where children are believed to have been sexually abused and tortured for many years. Saville denied ever having visited the home, despite the fact that plenty of photographic evidence exists of him at the site (as well as of Heath himself and allegedly Richard Nixon).

If some accounts are to be believed, Jersey could potentially be, in all but name, a Satanist island run by Satanists. A British island, it is technically not part of the UK, but is a ‘dependency of the British Crown’ and accountable to the Queen of England.

It has its own government, but is ultimately under the control of the British Crown. Curiously enough, what Jersey is most famous for is its status as a major tax haven. It has 55 banks, over 30,000 registered companies and somewhere in the region on 30 billion dollars deposited on the island at any given time, and is frequented by the very wealthy. But, with a population of around 90,000, the tiny island has been subject to investigations for highly organised child sexual abuse and child murder, all covered up by the island’s authorities.

All of Heath’s (alleged) crimes, meanwhile, were covered up by his Cabinet Secretary, John Hunt (Baron Hunt of Tanworth), who Shrimpton claims was also a pedophile, and who was appointed by the Queen to be a ‘Companion, Knight Commander and Knight Grand Cross of the British Order of chivalry known as the The Most Honourable Order of the Bath’ and was also awarded a Papal Knighthood by Pope John Paul II; as Jimmy Saville himself demonstrated, there are some very highly decorated pedophiles and sex-offenders in the realm. Saville, a man who sexually abused several hundred people and was also a necrophiliac, was nevertheless decorated and honoured by the Queen and, when he died, his coffin was ceremonially carried into Leeds Cathedral by a full military guard.

It was, for that matter, the revelations about Saville after his death that acted as a catalyst in the mainstream media for more and more historic sex-crimes to be taken seriously and not limited anymore to the realms of ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Jimmy Saville, aside from being friends with Heath, was a close friend of Margaret Thatcher (half of her Cabinet are accused of child sex-abuse offenses too), Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip and Prince Charles. Saville was also friends with the prolific serial killer Peter Sutcliffe (the Yorkshire Ripper). Saville had countless close and intimate relationships throughout the realms of British politics and he claimed to have spent several Christmases with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her husband Dennis every year for a decade.

VIP-Paedophile-rings_saville-thatcher vip-Sir Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles

It is almost certain that British intelligence services, particularly MI5 and MI6, would’ve known about all of this.

They would’ve also known about Heath; Prime Ministers, and even former Prime Ministers, do not operate with the level of privacy that would allow them to commit actions of that scale and nature – not without intelligence and security personnel knowing about it. There is also a case to be made that Jimmy Saville himself may have been working for MI5 directly.

More than that, there is a great deal of evidence, the deeper you research the matter, to suggest that the CIA and MI5/MI6, among others, are not just protecting the VIP/Elite rings, but are its facilitators and quite possibly even the source. British intelligence, according to some accounts, seems to be awash in child-abuse, if the whistleblowers are to be believed. The CIA, meanwhile, has been accused for decades of abuse as part of mind-control programmes, particularly ‘MK Ultra‘.

Ted Heath and Lord Mountbatten (himself the very embodiment of the ‘British Empire’ in the twentieth century) have also been linked by independent researchers to the Kincora Boys Home in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which is the centre of yet another pedophile ring scandal that first broke in 1980. One of the alleged abusers at Kincora, William McGrath, worked for MI5. The allegations, longstanding, are that vulnerable boys from Kincora were being transported to large country homes to be ritually abused by VIPs, including Ted Heath, allegedly Lord Mountbatten, and including Maurice Oldfield, who was a head of MI6.

Colin Wallace, a former MI5 officer himself and subject of a demonisation campaign by the Establishment, has suggested that the Kincora abuse network was used by MI5 to manipulate or control the careers of certain top Establishment figures. A suggestion exists that this institutionalised, ritual abuse is encouraged because it puts politically or financially powerful individuals into compromising situations and that they can therefore be threatened with exposure if they refuse to ‘do what they’re told’ with their power or high office. If true, this could put a different light on all kinds of decisions and policies that have been made by leading political offices over the years, with the question arising of whether such decisions are in fact made under duress (the Iraq War, for example, or British supply of arms to Israel).

This isn’t just a British problem, of course; it spans the Vatican, the Church, the Elite establishment in America and beyond. Any serious, honest inquest into British child-abuse networks would inevitably become an international affair, involving various nations and locations.

The former Nebraska state senator, John W DeCamp, famously uncovered a pedophile ring in Omaha, which involved establishment figures and leading US politicians. The truth began to emerge in the late 1980s and even made it into a handful of mainstream newspapers, with even The Washington Times implicating the Reagan-Bush administration.


President George Bush Snr, one time directer of the CIA and the President who launched the first Iraq War, even stands accused of being a child abuser, torturer and murderer; but he isn’t alone in that. Cathy O’Brien is the most famous exposer of this phenomenon in the US. In her book, Trance-Formation of America, she describes what she claims George Bush Snr did on a regular basis to her daughter, Kelly, as well as to other alleged victims of ‘Satanic’ ritual abuse.

What John W DeCamp claimed to have uncovered in his book, The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, was nothing less than a Satanist-pedophile ring, involving high-profile Establishment figures, including those who controlled the government, police and media in Omaha. Yorkshire Television in fact made a documentary about the scandal called Conspiracy of Silence, which was also meant to be broadcast on the Discovery Channel. At the last moment, the documentary was pulled and all copies were ordered to be destroyed. At least one copy was saved by someone, however (watch it here).


Again, we should keep in mind that the allegations against Heath might not be true; but again, Ted Heath is just the tip of the iceberg anyway, just as Jimmy Saville was. But Jimmy Savile was the thread that, once pulled, began to unravel a much bigger, even more sinister patchwork, spanning government, aristocracy, legal and law-enforcement professions, the media, the BBC and more. Evidence is also mounting that the coldblooded murder of the journalist and TV presenter Jill Dando might’ve linked to a VIP pedophile ring which was operating within the BBC and beyond, which she was in the process of exposing.


‘Saville and the 9th Circle’ by Russell Burton really is a video to watch; it’s very dense with information and some of the info or allegations are difficult to verify or look into, but for the most part it’s an eye-watering sucker-punch of check-able information and sources, most of which the mainstream media is unwilling or unable to touch.

What also is very unsettling is to think who these people are that we’re talking about; royalty, high-ranking politicians, even Prime Ministers and Presidents. These are the people who not only govern us in our societies, but the people who wage wars on other nations and societies, deploy armed forces and military weapons to topple governments, influence the course of human history, and in terms of the intelligence community, are the people that conduct covert operations, assassinations, false-flags, etc, in the name of the state.

Leon Brittan, for example, was the Home Secretary who organised Thatcher’s army of police, and was one of those involved in covering up the truth about the murder of PC Yvonne Fletcher in London and helping the government maintain sanctions on Libya and enmity with Gaddafi (Libya had even paid compensation money to Britain for Flether’s murder, when Fletcher was most likely murdered by British intelligence agents). Brittan was also deeply involved with Special Branch and MI5, the expansion of the ‘surveillance state’ in the UK, and had himself investigated high-level pedophiles to monitor who knew about these activities and who could be a potential danger or whistleblower. He was also involved in the mass deportation of pro-Gaddafi Libyans and of Syrians who were pro Palestine Liberation Organisation.

Lord Mountbatten was intimately involved in the Partition of Pakistan and India, was the face of the British Establishment in World War II, and walked with such historic figures as Gandhi and Jinnah. Anthony Blunt, listed on Mary Moss’s Elm House VIP ‘guest list’, was an MI5 agent with royal connections. Ex-MI6 chief Peter Hayman was named recently as a child-abuser who abused boys at Dolphin Square apartment building near Parliament. Mountbatten and MI6’s Maurice Oldfield were also both deeply involved in British activity in Northern Ireland. Aside from being behind much of the ‘terrorism’ in Northern Ireland themselves, MI5 and MI6 meanwhile wage war on foreign governments and were, among other things, key fixtures behind the destruction and collapse of Libya in 2011.

And again, Edward Heath was the Prime Minister. It begs the troubling question: to what extent have historic or contemporary decisions effecting thousands or millions of people either domestically or in various parts of the world been undertaken by individuals involved in these types of crimes?


More examples? Lord George Robertson, who was head of NATO and a Blair government insider, may have used his influence as a Freemason to procure a gun licence for the child killer Thomas Hamilton, and is himself accused of being a member of a clandestine pedophile ring reportedly set up by Hamilton himself for the British elite. Malcolm Rifkind, Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee is Leon Brittan’s cousin.

The list goes on. If even half of these claims are true, then we are looking at a manner of sickness and corruption, and on a scale, that is virtually inconceivable.

Admittedly, for a long time, I didn’t really believe in the ‘Satanic Elite’ conspiracy theories, having preferred to steer clear of overly religious ideas and focus only on the sober, political side of conspiracy research, intelligence agency conspiracies, etc. But the more I started to assess information and allegations from various sources, the more it became obvious that real-life Satanism, child sacrifice and ritual abuse wasn’t just something from old horror movies, nor just something that overly paranoid religious people talked about to scare people ‘back to God’. What really altered my view was listening to or reading personal testimony from victims and survivors of the abuse; people like Bill Maloney and his sister, for example.

It may now be that a lot of people will come forward to make allegations against former Prime Minister Ted Heath; revelations about Heath might even be a catalyst for other political figures to be ‘outed’, in the same way that Saville’s exposure led to the exposure of various other ‘celebrities’.

I would like to clarify here too that some of the information mentioned in this article rests on unverified allegations that, officially at least, have not been definitively proven to be true. The same applies to much of the information you’ll see produced on various other websites – while I don’t doubt that there is truth in many of the claims, we should also bear in mind not every claim will be true; and we should also always bear in mind that a number of websites and authors deal in spurious or fabricated stories as click-bait.

I also acknowledge that there are figures who’ve been accused of these kinds of crimes and who are probably innocent: and we, in a civilised society, should be wary of witch-hunts or character assassinations against people whose lives or reputations could be ruined.

But as I said earlier, if even half of the claims prove true, then the larger cover-up will have to go on for generations, perhaps even longer than the ‘100 years’ cited in the case of the Dunblane Massacre. It has to, because if the true extent of the entire ‘scandal’ is ever disclosed officially, the state itself would collapse and there will be chaos.

‘Corrupt politicians’ who are now accused of being ‘in’ on the conspiracy and ‘part of the club’ on account of working to maintain a cover-up really don’t have much choice but to maintain a cover-up: the sheer scale of damage that could be done if they don’t would be something no state or institution would ever be willing to allow.

I would urge people – especially conspiracy theorists online – not to accuse politicians or agencies involved in covering up the truth of being “one of them”: because there is a difference between being involved in criminal, immoral activity and in helping to cover up the criminal or immoral activity of other high-profile figures for the sake of national stability and the perceived national interest.

I’m not suggesting that this obfuscation would be morally justified at all; but that it could conceivably be politically justified and perceived to be in the ‘national interest’ – and, depending on how widespread this business is, possibly in the international interest too.

Source: https://theburningbloggerofbedlam.wordpress.com/2015/08/05/ted-heath-just-the-tip-of-the-iceberg-elite-satanism-vip-child-abuse-networks-the-potential-collapse-of-the-state/


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  1. Swiftdigger says:

    Sad to say my own experiences in life,even though not directly involved with the dark side, resonates with much I have come across and how they operate.
    The spooks as I call them took a great deal of interest in the good works the Maharishi taught, Especially the yogic powers the TM Siddhi programme brought to light. attracted by the potential powers which I am glad to report require a settled mind to get anywhere with. Coniving minds are to active to get any real results. Thank God : )
    Like all outfits that gain any degree of popularity and can effect the well being of humanity it attracted the attention of dark agencies, Agent provocateurs and the like whom would attempt to gain control of positions of influence whom would undermine any that where not aligned or members of one of their control networks,ie freemasonry and other secretive orgonisations.
    I myself had an mystery individual interfere in my marriage whom I found out recently is highly likely to be the one whom introduced some of my closest friends to Cocaine. Undermining those closest to me and my ex wifes relationship with me, One of them let it slip they wasted their inheritance on the crap at around the same time my close set of friends fell apart, I had no knowledge of most of at the time, It has taken over twenty years to find out what went down and even then it has been partial.
    Also had a £6.9 million winning lottery ticket stolen from me and the police and the national lottery and several local and mainstream media outlets have failed and/or refused to do anything to help rectify.
    Even been poisoned and stitched up with un neeeded heart surgery and a pacemaker type device that has destroyed my ability to earn a living. My insistanc that the sleep and meditation ruining device be removed cost me my driving licence last year.
    It is my intention to approach this coke addict friend to try and procur some. Not to get the drug but to find out who it is who is selling them the shite.
    Once that is done I will not be approaching the police. I intend to deal with the snake in the grass myself.

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