Swedish Towns Told to Prepare for War With Russia

Urged to Move Operations Centers to Underground Bunkers

by Jason Ditz, December 15, 2016

Adding to the seemingly endless flurry of moves anticipating a full-scale world war centering on the Baltic Sea, Sweden’s Civil Contingency Agency has sent letters to every town and village in the country advising them to make preparations for a possible war against Russia.

The letter said the towns should ensure that their emergency sirens work, and should prepare to move operations centers into underground bunkers for the conflict, adding that they should be open to substantial cooperation with the Swedish military.

The Agency’s head of civil defense operations, Magnus Dyberg-Ek, insisted the move was the result of a worsening “security situation in our neighborhood,” saying Sweden had to make preparations over the threat of war breaking out. Other officials indicated a lot of the measures in place are the same as those during the Cold War.

City officials, however, complained they’d neither been provided details on what they’re actually required to do, or any indication of how they’re supposed to pay for these new measures, with many of the municipalities simply lacking the sort of funds to pay for a sudden war.

Source: http://news.antiwar.com/2016/12/15/swedish-towns-told-to-prepare-for-war-with-russia/


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  1. Nollidge says:

    Gee.I hope their Moslem invaders are ready to fight for Sweden. By raping the Russian invaders,of course.They’re good at that kind of thing,but not fit for anything else,apparently.

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