SHOCKING And HORRIBLE: Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat-Some Of it The Flesh Of Children-Spirit Cooking The Nation

Deu_28:53 “You’ll eat your own children—the flesh of your sons and daughters, whom the Lord your God gave you—on account of the siege and the distress with which your enemy will oppress you.
Isa_9:20 They cut meat on the right, but they’re still hungry, and they devour also on the left, but they’re not satisfied; each devours the flesh of his own children.
Heb_2:14 Therefore, since the children have flesh and blood, he himself also shared the same things, so that by his death he might destroy the one who has the power of death (that is, the devil)


What is worse is it was flesh of children. Spirit Cooking The Nation’ This could lead to Kuru kuru.


Dr Ishii Shiro Of Japan Introduces Kuru (Mad Cow) To Manchuria And Then The Fore Tribe Of New Guinea (Unknown Holocaust)





Aug 2, 2011 WHAT FOLLOWS WILL CAUSE A GREAT DEAL OF HEART ACHE. ….. All talking about Japanese eating Indian INA Soldiers in Rabaul. … Found guilty of cannibalism Captain Takashi Takase was sentenced to death and … Indians , and added that the only fresh meat to be hadat Sowan was human flesh.


Sep 18, 2014 AGHORIS MAN EATERS , CANNIBALS , DENIGRATION OF LORD SHIVA AND …. The final part of ritual requires eating of rotten human flesh and also …. Though Wikipedia says that at Shirdi you can see both Hindu and ……/aghoris-corpse-eaters-of-india-capt.html


Jewish Passover and ritual sacrifice of children

A: Well, we’ve got a great brainwashing job on them over the centuries, and especially the last few hundred years. We just [unintelligible, sounding like “raid our send”] completely. They believe anything we tell them. And ah, you know, if I mean [unintelligible], we have a lot of fun around passover when we steal their children.

And ah, you know we are, I know you know, cause I’ve got it on your show before, I mean we steal a hundred to three hundred thousand children a year just in this country. And we drain the blood and we mix it with a Passover bread, and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburgers.

McDonald’s is one of our favorite outlets, and the, the people that eat out for breakfast, they [unintelligible, like “eat out their”] children for lunch, and, you know, us Jews, we’ve got to do what we do.

Confirmed: human meat found in 9% of McDonald factories

The following story alone proves that this interview is as real as it gets and it was not a concoction and/or “hoax” or “forgery” like some claim.


OKLAHOMA CITY – First McDonald’s was under fire for horse-meat, then mysterious “Pink slime”, and now human meat? A shocking discovery has been made in an Oklahoma City McDonald’s meat factory and other McDonald’s meat factories nationwide. Meat inspectors reportedly found human meat, stored in the meat factory freezers of an Oklahoma City meat factory.

Sources claim human meat was already in trucks outside the factory ready to be shipped to McDonald’s restaurants. Health inspectors immediately demanded inspection in various McDonald’s meat factories across the country and horrifyingly found human meat in about 9% of the factories inspected thus far.

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has seized McDonald’s production and shipping and will call for more meat factory and restaurant inspections. 

The situation brings up many unanswered questions. How long have they been using human meat? Where did they get the meat? Were they already dead when shipped into various factories? Investigators and Inspectors are currently being appointed for intensive investigations all around the globe. 

View The Shocking Video Below…………………..


For more evidence see: “Each day in this country, twenty-three hundred children are reported missing”

The most important thing to remember between you, Pastor Wickstrom and me, rabbi Finkelstein, at New York, that we both have two fathers, and so that’s why we look at the world in two different ways.

Q: And we know that there’s a massive collision that’s gonna take place between two forces, don’t we?

A: Well, that’s what your books says. Our books says that we’re going to take over the world!

Q: Well, I look at you.

A: And we are doing a pretty good job right now.

Q: Yes, you’ve done a pretty good job but you know there is quite an awakening coming, and, my father, who is not your father, my father Yahweh, who isn’t your father, of course your father, who’s talked about by my father in John 8:44, stating that your father was Satan and you’re the descendant of Kane, who was the first murderer, and you know that’s true because that is what you teach in your synagogue.

We can do whatever we want to do and we can get away with it cause the white men are cowards

A: Well, that’s true, but it’s not for you goyim to know, but right now it’s too late. It’s over for your white race. So, that’s why I am speaking so honestly here – to bring it out into the open so that you can see it for what it is.

You’ve been teaching the people real good. But they don’t wake up, do they? You don’t get a lot of followers, do they? Because you know why? They are scared of us, Jews. Because they don’t want to be called anti-Semites. And they believe we’re the chosen people. And so that’s why we can do whatever we want to do and we can get away with it ’cause the white men are cowards. And we go to the synagogue all the time and [next 4-5 words are unintelligible, sounding like “have some man and shove it”] and say “hava nagila”.

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5 Responses to “SHOCKING And HORRIBLE: Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat-Some Of it The Flesh Of Children-Spirit Cooking The Nation”

  1. Scotty says:

    Luke 12:5
    “But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him.”

  2. bluefeather says:
    Charlton Heston plays a lead part in this film made in the 80’s. He was mentioned in the interview that I listened to, by Finklestein, as a good boy.
    The theme of this film is about people eating human meat that has been put in the food chain without their knowing. People had gone missing and it was only through investigating that they found out.

    Through Tory Smith’s podcasts, he claimed that children were killed and used as meat in the food chain (Cargill was mentioned)
    Who knows what is actually true, but by ignoring the details given by people, it makes us all complicit in the coverup, and the evil being perpetrated by these monsters. The people who witness atrocities and say nothing – are as evil as the perpetrators.
    Evil will prevail when good men and women do nothing to stop it.

  3. bluefeather says:

    This may be the source of the book mentioned in the interview

  4. UglyTruth says:

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The missing children are quite real, but the evidence that they’re ending up in hamburgers is very thin.

  5. ian says:

    If I eat human meat, it has to be elite meat. It even has a ring. Teryaki May, Camoron bacon. deliberate misspelling. Donald Rump, Up to the neck deep fried Hellary, all good. Any of the vermin deep fried is one less to deep fry us.

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