Satanic cult controls the military high command


A large number of people have messaged me about an attack on Russia

There has been a massive buildup in Nato countries, that strongly implies they are getting ready for a huge war against Russia. THIS IS FACT. It cannot be denied, it is obvious and plain as day.My take on this: They are pissed about Brexit. They are pissed about a many other defeats, but most of all THEY ARE PISSED ABOUT TRUMP. Not the fact that he exists, they are angry with the America n people.

Let’s pin reality on the wall here: They know they rigged the election. They know hillary got absolutely NO MORE than 12 percent of the legitimate vote. I think she got right around 8 percent. I’d bet third parties beat her in reality.They can say all they want about her winning the majority, and it is all a lie, it is all transparent and obvious, single line item facts like the signage and rally attendance proves it. Hillary could not draw a crowd without the help of Lady GaGa drawing in college kids. It was THAT BAD.

So they are PISSED. They almost won by stealing it. They expected to win by stealing it. They almost lied their way into a world victory. They lost Brexit. They lost the American election recounts. They lost with the riots. They lost with trying to rig the electoral college. And now the latest gaffe, where they were trying to push the “Russia hacked the election” ruse was blown by a British Ambassador that said HE was the one who blew the DNC mails into the open. They are playing a game of LOSE LOSE LOSE. But there’s ONE LAST WAY THEY CAN WIN: And it is called the BIG RED BUTTON.

People, these are heinous criminals. And if Trump gets in, they are going to pay the piper for everything from organ trafficking to child rape to destructive vaccines, to having their huge and vile assets like Google get wiped out. Trump absolutely WILL wipe them out with the anti trust laws. He does not even need to apply anything new, just standing current law and they will be TOAST. So do you think they’ll hit the button and FORCE a response from Russia to skate out of their crimes? YOU CAN BET THEY WOULD, Yes, the buildup in Europe really is spooky.

If the electoral college goes for Trump on Monday, things could really get rough because Trump is their death sentence, and they still hold the big red button.


Huge order from FEMA

Alex sent

“Hi Jim, Just a heads up from Alabama. In my job I visit a number of facilities that manufacture mobile homes for a large well-known nationwide company. In the last few months a significant number of them have switched from only making normal dwellings to making nothing but FEMA trailers! Thought you and your readers would be interested… Alex”My response: Another coffin story. Interesting timing with this. If you can get a picture of one and send it that would be good. Hopefully they have windows. Are they administrative, or for living?


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