Russian TV has the BEST Footage of the Battle of Aleppo BY FAR (Videos)

Gritty and up-close

8 December, 2016 by Michael Hess


It makes sense, really.  To begin with, Russian war correspondents are as good as it gets – they are tough and brave and routinely get dangerously close to the action.

More importantly, they are embedded with the Syrian army, so as the Syrians flush neighborhoods of ISIS, the Russian corresondents are the first on the ground.

Western correspondents, with their penny loafers and $400 haircuts aren’t anywhere near this scene, because if they dared set foot on the side the US is backing, they would be immediately kidnapped or held for ransom, or just butchered for fun.

The Russian reports are also longer and not as dumbed down as typical Western news.  You get long, meaty reports showing a lot of local action and atmosphere.

Check out these three videos – the first one is from Dec. 4 and has subtitles.  The second one is a fresh one from RT, and the last one is only in Russian, it was from yesterday’s evening news.

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