Pyramids in Antarctica. Hillary still hoping to steal the election.


Dec 6 2016


THIS TIME SHE GAINED BY 3,000 VOTES AGAIN! A little more and they will have their recount. Then they will finalize the steal.

3,000 VOTES PER DAY WILL STEAL THIS TO A RECOUNT IN 5 DAYS. THIS IS 100 PERCENT THEFT PURE AND SIMPLE. And howcome Hillary is the only one who EVER gains in a state Trump won? If this was real, Trump would occasionally gain on Hillary. NOPE, he’s only losing ground!

See the updates HERE.

Anonymous sent: “I sent an email to the Pennsylvania RNC about election theft. I dont know if they are even monitoring the situation. Man i hope they are not in on it”

My response: They tried to destroy him during his campaign, WHY ON EARTH would they change after he won? You are probably right.

Judgedredd sent:

Hi James, Just to let you know, from someone who is very well aware of what is going on, that what you see happening with Hillary/Jill is going to come to naught in the end is what has been passed on to me. For anyone wondering about what Trump is doing, I was told the answers are in his book ‘The Art of the Deal’.”

My response: I would not bet on that. This stinks to high heaven.

False flag at the inauguration?

I doubt it. Too many people are aware, and if it backfired it would be too much for “them” to handle. What a great way to kick off an armed revolution! I don’t think they want that. FACT: The average American deer hunter has guns and accuracy that is on average better than ANY military has. No one seems to realize just how good you have to be to nail a deer in the bush, and how powerful a rifle has to be to do it. ALL deer rifles that are true deer rifles have MUCH more power than an AK-47 or an AR-15. And Americans are GREAT shots. There is a reason why, when not taxed to oblivion an AK-47 costs far less than half what a good deer rifle does. And full auto can’t compare in any way to semi auto when your bullets are not going to be replaced.

Ok, I am wandering here but one thing is definitely true: ABSOLUTELY ANY really good shooting deer hunter with a nice rifle and scope could easily accomplish 18 war time casualties with a pack of 20 bullets. But an AK on full auto? You would probably blow a whole clip and hit NO ONE. That really matters when you probably won’t be receiving more.

No, I don’t think they are going to assassinate Trump, the blow back would be bad even if it was portrayed as being done by a BLM snowflake with an IQ of 80 and a bag of meth. People in the Trump camp are not stupid enough to buy that story. If they want to get rid of Trump, they have to do it now, just like they are trying to.

Anonymous sent:

“So – by my math – Pennsylvania flips, MI and WI 26 delegates are put on hold, HC would only need 256 / only 3 more delegates beyond the gentleman from TX. Am I seeing this correctly?”

My response: As “correct” as the MSM will show you. REALITY: Nevada is under investigation for already studied and proven voter fraud, MASSIVELY on the side of Hillary and a recount is underway. Bet you did not know that compliments of the oh so truthful media!. The proven Nevada vote fraud that tripped the recount could land her in jail. Plus she is extremely likely to have Nevada flip to Trump. Add the 15 (15) LET ME REPEAT THAT: FIFTEEN ELECTORS that are so angry with her they refuse to vote for her, and it is not as bad as it seems. What we need to avoid is having the states be stolen outright. That is why I am freaking out about the mystery votes in Pennsylvania that keep coming in for Hillary, reportedly from “mail in votes” which is BULLSHIT. There is NO WAY that is happening this late in the game, they are stealing it outright. The only way HillBillary can take it is to successfully entirely steal states and not just nullify them.

I have occasionally been accused of just trying to stir people up. I don’t care, because there is a huge reason for it. The corruption is so massive that no one can even begin to guess on how much, and there truly is a real and imminent danger of having the country handed over to criminals that are even worse than the last administration and this time, they are PISSED AT US. They’ll start carting people off and the web absolutely WILL go dark of we screw this up by joking with our thumbs up our butts rather than stopping the steal.

So what if I make people sick of it all, I just don’t care about that. Saving the nation is far more important than worrying about the few people who just don’t get it.

Anonymous sent

This shows 9163 out of 9163 districts reporting and at 100%. I archived it just in case it changes.

My response: 9163 out of 9163 districts have been at 100 percent for THREE DAMN WEEKS. THAT is why I started freaking out when all the mystery votes suddenly started coming in only after the recount was denied. They really are stealing Pennsylvania and will do it if we let them. There is no way this can be happening, it is as bold a theft as stealing a bottle from a baby in front of EVERYONE. Only the scamming MSM and totally complacent alt media is making it possible, in thereal world not even one vote could have possibly been added at all.

I am sure a troll is going to once again remind me it is “mail in and provisional ballots” doing it. That’s bullshit. 100 percent is 100 percent and THAT IS THAT. Yeah, they might not “have enough to flip the state” and people ate that candy because subliminally it meant “Oh, they can’t possibly be trying to steal it then” all the while they ignore the fact that there are “enough” to trip a recount at the last minute! Then what? A recount tripped 3 days before the electoral college meets? CUTE!

Anonymous sent:

“weird…..thoughts? does make sense that a pole reversal might alter the axis… my question winds up being, is it automatically a given that this will manifest, though…but, watching the movements of certain groups…they appear to be rather confident, and that’d make sense why they so secretive about antarctica”

My response: Yeah, I’d rather talk about this type of thing than tainted vaccines and election steals. Here’s the scoop: ALL celestial bodies, and I mean ALL OF THEM that have molten cores and magnetic fields have the magnetic poles flip occasionally.The sun flips a lot. The earth flips a lot less frequently due to the fact that the core materials are colder and thicker and less likely to have that change. But it does change, and there is evidence of it at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, which has a zone where the magnetism in the rocks changes direction in a repeatable predictable pattern that could only have happened if the earth’s magnetic poles flipped during periods of continental drifting as magma came up to fill the cracks.

Predominantly however, the Earth’s crust is magnetized in one direction. And when the magnetic poles flip, there is enough of a pull on the crust to move Antarctica and the north pole to the equator. The fossil records prove this happens because there is life in the fossils that could not possibly be there any other way. The magnetic arrangement at the bottom of the Atlantic proves it happens. The earth is a lot more dynamic than people think. Yes, Mexico has been at the North Pole before.

Would it happen in our lifetime? Probably not so fast it all moved in even a century, but a thousand years? YES. I don’t think many people realize just how strong the earth’s magnetic field pulls on things. It pulls VERY hard. Want proof? Take any round magnet and place it edge up on a smooth surface (balanced like a coin on edge.) It will only face one way. You will not be able to get it to face any direction other than an alignment with the magnetic poles of the earth. As soon as you let go of it, it will flip to align with the earth’s magnetic field. That is how a compass works, and it proves the earth really does have a super strong magnetic field. YES, magnetized continents floating on a liquid lava ocean (which is how the world is made) really will also flip, just like that magnet. And there probably really are, as a result, pyramids in Antarctica.


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