Putin – ‘As far as I am aware, the United States is not a banana Republic’.


Bad Losers On the Top

Members of the U.S. Congress, the mainstream media, the CIA and even President Obama have made fools of themselves and the nation by claiming that the Clintonite cabal lost because of Vladimir Putin.  Insofar as the rest of the world takes this whining seriously, it should further increase Putin’s already considerable prestige.  If true, the notion that Moscovite hacking could defeat the favorite candidate of the
entire U.S. power establishment can only mean that the United States’ political structure is so fragile that a few disclosed emails can cause its collapse.

A government notorious for snooping into everybody’s private communication, as well as for overthrowing one government after another by less subtle means, and whose agents boasted of scaring the Russians into re-elected the abysmally unpopular Boris Yeltsin in 1996, now seems to be crying pathetically, “Mommy, Vlady is playing with my hacking toys!”

Of course, Russians would quite naturally prefer a U.S. president who openly shies away from the possibility of starting a nuclear war with Russia. That doesn’t make Russia “an enemy”, it is just a sign of good sense.  Nor does it mean that Putin is so naïve as to imagine that Moscow could throw the election by a few dirty tricks.  The current Russian leaders, unlike their Washington counterparts, tend to take a longer view, rather than imagining that the course of history can be changed by a banana peel.

This whole miserable spectacle is nothing but a continuation of the Russophobia exploited by Hillary Clinton to distract from her own multiple scandals. As the worst loser in American electoral history, she must blame Russia, rather than recognize that there were multiple reasons to vote against her.

The propaganda machine has found a response to unwelcome news: it must be fake.  The Washington conspiracy theorists are outdoing themselves this time.  The Russian geeks supposedly knew that by revealing a few Democratic National Committee internal messages, they could ensure the election of Donald Trump.  What tremendous prescience!

Obama promises retaliation against Russia for treating the United States the way the United States treats, well, Honduras (and even Russia itself until blocked by Putin).  Putin retorted that so far as he knew, the United States was not a banana republic, but a great power able to protect its elections.  Washington is loudly denying that. The same mainstream media who brought you Saddam’s “weapons of mass destruction” are now bringing you this preposterous conspiracy theory with straight faces.


When intelligence agencies become aware of the activities of rival intelligence agencies, they usually keep the knowledge to themselves, as part of the mutual spook game. Going public with this wild tale shows that the whole point is to persuade the American public that Trump’s election is illegitimate, in the hope of defeating him in the electoral college or, if that fails, of crippling his presidency by labelling him a “Putin stooge”.

By Diana Johnstone

December 19, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – “Counterpunch” – If the 2016 presidential campaign was a national disgrace, the reaction of the losers is an even more disgraceful spectacle.


TAP – the attempt failed.  Trump is now confirmed.  The cabal is now using assassination, and fake news as its next ploy, in a last ditch attempt to get a war going.


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