Protest Scheduled Outside Ecuadorian Embassy Dec. 9 to Demand Wikileaks Assange Gives Proof of Life




Wikileaks has come under fire from supporters who are demanding physical proof of life for Julian Assange. All that people have been given recently is a phone appearance which many say doesn’t even sound like Assange.

The demands grew to the point that Wikileaks Tweeted almost angrily at people to stop demanding proof of life.

What, do they have him strapped down to a chair or duct taped to the floor or what? He can’t even randomly come to the window for a second? Some say he won’t due to threat of snipers, but there are multiple windows and if he just peeked out one at a random angle for a couple seconds, it’d be enough to prove he isn’t dead or wasn’t blackbagged by the CIA or something.

Now, as demands increase for proof of life on Assange, a protest is being formed to meet outside the Ecuadorian Embassy on Dec. 9 for Julian to do anything that will physically prove to the world he’s still alive and well in there.

The event has a Facebook page and a subreddit that boasts nearly 17,000 subscribers, both under the hashtag #WhereIsAssange?

A lot of people claim that Wikileaks was taken over by the CIA after Secretary of State John Kerry visited the Ecuadorian embassy and pressured officials to cut Assange’s internet connection cut with the justification that the Podesta leaks were influencing the US Election.

A message on 8Chan supported the claim that Assange was missing and Wikileaks was under opposition control, but Wikileaks dismissed it as black propaganda to discredit the organization and keep whistleblowers from submitting new info.

However, that works both ways. If Wikileaks is now controlled opposition, those running the show would want everything to appear business as usual in order to keep control over any leaks coming in.

People have commented that the Wikileaks Twitter account has seemed different in tone in the last few weeks as well…

Either way, they can’t keep everyone at bay on where Julian is forever… phone conferences and word of mouth stories from one guy or another are simply not going to cut it forever.



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