Pilger on Trump


Pilger sums it up well.   Journalists enabled Trump, along with the CIA, the State Department, even the Republican Party opposed Trump.  The BBC.  The CNN.  The Guardian.  They all supported Clinton as she represented them.  They are not journalists.  They are partisan.  They worked hard to demonise Trump.  That’s all they focused on.  Now they’re having to look at what Trump stands for.  They don’t know.

Since 911, the corrupt system has turned the world into a battleground.  Part where he says Kissinger should be prosecuted is overlaid with background noise.  It’s all like black satire.

The media has played a major role in the destruction of country after country.  In the destruction of Libya which created the migrant crisis.

The US is not run by a President.  It’s run by a national security operation.

What strikes Pilger is the silence.  About Iraq.  About Libya.  The events described in Clinton’s emails, which Wikileaks published.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding the Clintons.  As Secretary Of State she supplied them with record quantities of arms.  Saudi Arabia is the enemy of humanity.  These are the friends of the Democratic candidate for President.

The NATO-backed coup of Ukraine has been described as a Russian invasion in the media.  It’s an amazing achievement to produce a lie of such a scale.  This has given way to the arming of countries on Russia’s borders and the sending of large numbers of tanks – highly provocative.

The EU is not an independent collection of nations.  The EU follows the United States.  40% of the wold is under sanctions.

Milosevic was told his country would be placed under NATO or be bombed.  Neo-Liberalism.  Austerity.  The imposition of power on people’s lives is what we see everywhere.

The US-led NATO forces are building up north of China.  400 US bases encircling China.  Even more encircling Russia.  Presumably they don’t want nuclear war.  But it is very dangerous.  There was no discussion of this in the US election campaign or in the UK and Europe.  Where is the media?




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