New MP can’t answer simple questions about Brexit. Car crash interview.

How did Olney win against Zac Goldsmith?  Not postal voting I hope.

Zac Goldsmith is pro-Brexit.  His father Sir James Goldsmith was killed with weaponised cancer after successfully promoting the Referendum Party in the 1990s.  The referendum policy was adopted by all the major parties, effectively blocking the Euro.  Zac’s sister Diana (same father) was murdered by the Illuminati after the crash in the tunnel in Paris after offering the public the choice of Royalty with a human face.  Zac knows the score but still stands for the things he believes in.  The Goldsmiths are French Rothschilds.  He is married to a Rothschild.  Their standing up against the Satanists is encouraging and a vital part of the little amount of freedom Britain still has left today.  The Richmond by-election was possibly fixed to get him out of politics.


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