Mutually Assured Benefit

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November 20, 2016

2500 Years and Counting…….
What is wrong with humanity?
Two thousand years ago the Romans and Greeks were building beautiful cities, had central heating and running fresh water, fostered poets and dramatists, philosophers and historians. Four hundred years before, Plato had founded the world’s first University and written a philosophy which to this day has great worth. At around the same time Laozi authored the Tao Te Ching (the Way of Inner Virtue), from whence Confucius and Mencius drew their philosophies. In India, the Bhagavad Gita was probably contemporaneous.
In India, in Greece, in Italy, in Egypt, in South America, architects and builders were creating structures we travel to now to marvel at for their beauty and endurance. Mathematicians were deducing the building blocks of creation and using that mathematics to create buildings expressing those principles as art. In the East humans created temples based upon what we now term Fractals, expressing the infinite. In the West, Phi and the Golden Ratio were employed to build the Parthenon. At around this time, Democritus (“Chosen of the People”) was writing about how creation was made of atoms, with a void between these tiny particles.
In those days ideas of “Republic’ and “Democracy” and “Law” were born. The true nature of creation and the Creator were explored. Learning and knowledge became ends in themselves, valued by societies that saw the benefits of such cerebral endeavour in practical outcomes, creating devices that brought ease and building cities that pleased the senses.
And here we are. Two and a half thousand years later and we exist in a cesspool of physical and mental filth, everything fine and noble and virtuous almost forgotten, the world dominated by warmongers, humanity enslaved to usurious debt, the understanding of the benefits of tribal consciousness dissipated, our cities uglified and our environment ruined, the trivial glorified and the deep and meaningful derogated, our search for connection with the creator mummified within ancient, lying religions and their perverse books.
What went wrong?
Money, that’s what.
In our tribal origins we human beings shared. We did this because we understood that by sharing when we had stuff to share that others would share with us when we hadn’t. This simple understanding created a bond between peoples that understood that ‘self’ was less than ‘tribe’, that we worked best and were safer as a community. Better hunters shared their haul because they understood that better gatherers or growers would share what they had, that better bow makers or teepee builders would provide. This was not even barter as we might think of it today. This was a condition of mutually assured benefit. Slackers and the greedy would be frowned upon, but the weak or incapable were supported as it was understood that we all become weak or incapable at some point. From there we developed our first civilisations, but commingled with that came money and kingship.
Tribes had leaders, the wise that advised or decided, selected by common consent. The bullies that might otherwise dominate were shunned or cast out by the whole tribe, banished as the Amish do today. This was a powerful method of ensuring the tribe continued its harmonious, just and fair existence, for it was understood that once a bully is allowed to dominate, everyone becomes a slave.
In exile the bully became a lone wolf and often died quickly, lacking the benefits of sharing and caring that the community provided.
Even in places where bullies dominated and pronounced themselves king the situation wasn’t yet too bad. Even kings can only eat so much, only occupy so much space. Their taxation of their subjects was limited. Why take all the grain, when a year later it would be ruined and worthless?
Then money was invented, and kings put their faces on it, and this single event determined the rest of human history. Money is in effect energy. When you labour, your expended energy becomes money. That energy-as-money can be stored, whereas grain or meat have a shelf life. That stored energy can be passed from generation to generation. There are still aristocrats in England living off the stored energy of Chinese opium addicts of the 19th Century…..
As we all know now, it was later discovered that money could be made that had no intrinsic value, that a human being’s labour could be bought for a piece of paper. Later still, bought for a piece of electronic data at the tap of a key.
This worthless stuff now controls almost everything we do. It is the electronic expression of all of humanity’s real work; its creativity, its invention, its sweat and grunt. Seven billion of us labour in exchange for digits and we allow our modern day rulers to create as many digits as they like from thin air and charge us our energy for it.
This creation of money as debt from thin air is, in effect, the creation of energy from nothing, an act of demonic Magick.
This demonic Magick drives almost everything evil in the world, from the bribery and corruption of all governments and rank upon rank of corrupt government employees, down to the lowest levels, the street corner heroin dealers and the modern day slavers that supply prostitutes to those without a moral compass, the suppliers of paedophile pornography and snuff movies. Every aspect of humanity at its basest is driven by this dark Magick.
We live in a world gone wrong. A world where relatively harmless cannabis is illegal yet harmful alcohol is freely available. A world where war criminals are celebrated and voted for instead of being hung by the neck until they are dead. A world which has forgotten the benefits of community and sharing and where money pits each human being against every other. A world where we build ugly places, where we destroy the very nature that supports us. A world where child murderers dominate our leadership everywhere.
This great machinery of dominance and wrong would stop working without money. It is the oil that keeps the machinery of evil lubricated and functioning, without which it would, like any engine without oil, quickly blow up.
If the world’s currencies failed, which we know our masters are intending, we human beings would be plunged into utter confusion. Without money we can neither buy nor sell. Would the bus driver go to work if the company had no money to pay them? Would the farmer grow food if there was no money for him to pay for his fertiliser, the fuel for his tractor, nor to pay for what he or she grew? When money is crashed, the world will be further plunged into chaos. From that chaos we will pray to be saved and our rulers will be able to introduce their final insult to our great species, purely electronic, digitised money as debt, the instrument of absolute control forever.
The world is co-created by humanity’s conscious will.
That conscious will is controlled, as we have written about and described here so often.
IF we decided to live, as a global tribe, as a single species, without money……
We would have to determine some way to frown upon the greedy…..
We would have to find some way to decide which of us would get the Ferrari…
We would, millions of us, be released from non-productive work…
We’d need no tax collectors, no bankers, no salespeople, no marketeers, no insurance people….
Millions would realise that they could be doing something USEFUL
Some solutions:
We lotterise what’s luxurious, from champagne to executive cars.
We provide exchanges for those items, for all stuff, we swap as our forbears did, we give what we can and we take what we need, sharing a tribal understanding.
We frown upon the greedy and the lazy as our tribal forbears did, punish them by exclusion.
Crime is mostly money motivated.
What crime remains we all of us police, as our tribal forbears did.
Everyone should act as a peace officer, everyone take responsibility for the freedom from fear of the whole tribe….
Do you see?
When the financial crash comes, there should be nothing to fear
What, then, could we do with the next 2,500 years?

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7 Responses to “Mutually Assured Benefit”

  1. Nollidge says:

    Wonderful Athens – where 9 out of 10 of the “citizens” were actually slaves. This enabled the “Great Philosopher”
    s” to spend their time Philosophising. Of course,it could have been worse – you could have been a slave miner in the silver mines of Laurium

    • Olive Farmer says:

      Not saying Athens was perfect, just that we arrived at a level of civilisation (in terms of philosophy, thought, maths and building) that we have fallen back from. Go to Athens and look. The old stuff, amazing. The new stuff, ugly.

      • Tapestry says:

        The control systems were well advanced by the time of ancient Greece. Media. War. Banking. Cultural control. etc. Why not go back to where it all started in Sumeria? Then Babylon. Then Egypt. History ignores the first 6000 years of human so-called civilization, for some reason. Greece is the forerunner to Rome, the system we still live with to this day.

  2. UglyTruth says:

    “What is wrong with humanity?”

    The look to the state for protection, so there is Operation Gladio & Gladio B.

  3. Dublinmick says:

    SHOCKING And HORRIBLE: Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat-Some Of it The Flesh Of Children-Spirit Cooking The Nation

  4. Olive Farmer says:

    Thanks for reposting. We are airing a startling new theory for those who wish to really expand their minds (or blow their brains!):

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