May confirms timeframe for leaving EU regardless of judicial interventions

20 December 2016

Theresa May reiterates commitment to provide assurances on acquired rights “early on in the negotiations”
Updating the House of Commons yesterday on last Thursday’s European Council summit, Prime Minister Theresa May said, “I made it clear to the other EU leaders that it remains my objective to give reassurance early on in the negotiations to EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in EU countries that their right to stay where they have made their homes will be protected by our withdrawal.” Ahead of next month’s Supreme Court judgement on whether the Government can use the royal prerogative to trigger Article 50, the formal mechanism for leaving the EU, she said, “I’m clear the Government will respect the verdict of our independent judiciary. But I’m equally clear that whichever way the judgment goes we will meet the timetable I have set out [to notify under Article 50 by the end of March 2017].” May refused to rule out continuing EU budget contributions following Britain’s withdrawal, instead saying, “What’s important is that when we leave the European Union, it’s the British government that decides how taxpayers’ money is spent.” She also refused to rule out Chancellor Philip Hammond’s calls last week for a transitional period to manage the adjustment, saying, “The Chancellor reflected the comments I made in fact when I spoke to the CBI, which was a recognition of the desire for business to be able to have some certainty beyond that point of leaving the European Union.”

Source: Press Association, Bloomberg

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