John Lennon has a very important message for us from beyond the grave [VIDEO]

John Lennon has a very important message for us from beyond the grave [VIDEO]

December 16th, 2016 by Ed Sykes

John Lennon was assassinated in December 1980 in New York. But 36 years on, he continues to speak to us. And we should all listen very carefully to what he says.

A message just as relevant today as it ever was

In an interview posted on Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace website, Lennon says:

We can get peace now if we want it now. And the left wing talk about giving the power to the people… [but] the people have the power. All we have to do is awaken the power in the people.

Both Christians and non-Christians will probably recognise Christmas as a season of giving and goodwill; and the Bible says angels proclaimed upon Jesus’ birth “peace on earth and loving mercy towards all people!”

Now Lennon was not a big fan of religion. (Nor was he a fan of nationalism or capitalism, as his song Imagine shows.) But his insistence that we can “get peace now if we want it” is incredibly poignant at a time of year which is supposedly all about peace and love.

Awakening the power inside us

The idea of awakening the power that everyone has inside them in order to bring about change in the world is not uncommon. And numerous images on the internet have long sought to stress the importance of ordinary people uniting in order to stop oppression or exploitation. Some of the most prominent examples being:

And who could forget the pyramid of capitalism – whose bottom level could easily bring those above it crashing down?

That was precisely John Lennon’s point: ordinary working people have immense power, no matter how powerless they may feel at points. As he said in his last major interview:

It’s quite possible to do anything, but not if you put it on the leaders… You have to do it yourself.

Come together

So change can come. If everyone realises the power that they have. And if they all come together to make that change happen.

For inspiration, there are already many examples of this actually happening.

In Britain’s environment of skills shortages and worsening employment conditions, some citizens have set about creating solutions. They have rebuilt local economies from the ground up. They’ve turned away from large corporations and towards independent local businesses. They’ve grown food. And they have stood up to the fossil fuel industry. Together.

Elsewhere in the world, citizens are bypassing the rule of corrupt elites to create more participative democracies. And in the middle of the worst war zones, they’re building a cooperative, sustainable future while taking a firm stand against ethnic, religious, and gender discrimination. Together.

Get Involved! No, seriously. Please get involved…

Unlike most media outlets, we always aim at The Canary to finish our articles with a comment on how to support positive causes and oppose negative ones. Because while journalism is a job for us, it’s also a mission. We want to create a better society through our articles. To make a living while breaking through corporate media bias and spreading the news (good or bad). Not to become millionaires or to defend millionaires. But to encourage our readers to get involved. To unite. To mobilise. And to act.

So share articles from The Canary or other outlets involved in the ongoing media revolution. Join a union. Join a campaign group. And start conversations. Spread knowledge and hope. Not just with people who share your views. But with family members. Friends. Colleagues. Or even strangers. Because any person capable of trembling with rage whenever injustice occurs can be a powerful agent of change. And together, we can make a difference.



9 Responses to “John Lennon has a very important message for us from beyond the grave [VIDEO]”

  1. NPP says:

    This is not capitalism…. this word is being mis-used; long been hyjacked.
    Capitalism is merely the investment of capital into a business venture.
    Today’s corporate capitalism is not a simple matter of investment into a venture – today’s global economy is a fractional banking corruption.

    I recall The Canary is run by a socailist chick from Norwich who does not know wat she is talking about.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Capitalism and socialism are the same. The power to control the economy is vested in very few hands in both. The people are suppressed, and ground down by those who hold the strings who live lives of luxury beyond imagination. The notion of enterprise – of any pleb having a chance to close the gap – is anathema to those who have got the system sown up. The last thing they want is their grip on power being threatened. They pretend to give you a chance then gun you down as you come out from behind your rock…unless you’re mighty sharp, and are able to guess the direction of fire and avoid the bullets. With socialism they don’t even give you a chance.

    • archer says:

      Exactly – to illustrate this point, I recall a couple of pharmacists I know attempting to open their own pharmacy dispensary in a rural area. They faced challenge after challenge from two of the big pharmacy players, in the way of planning objections as well as attempting to obstruct property purchase. They clearly didn’t want their monopoly (or cartel?) threatened.

      I’m not sure if they made it in the end.

    • Swiftdigger says:

      Well put Tap. Can you confirm that TPTSNB stands for The powers that should never be? Am guessing this is the case but wish to be sure.

  3. NPP says:

    Ah definitions and words…. yes, conventional perceptions of capitalism and socialism are the same: collectivism, but to create a venture probably requires an investment of time and money/capital. The conventional idea of capitalism is as you say, just another ism, therefore, capitalism and socialism are the same…. I do suggest the word capitalism has different meanings for different people.

  4. Tapestry says:

    TPTSNB want us to divide between left and right political viewpoints so they can remove freedom from us all. The words capitalism and socialism are part of that programme – the words created to divide us. When in fact both signify the same outcome. The word that is/was used to describe the ability of people to visualise and build their own futures is enterprise. There is the need for people to retain money or wealth of different kinds for enterprise to be feasible. The accumulation of wealth, knowledge and confidence is crucial for standing up to TPTSNB. That is why private wealth, knowledge and confidence are continually placed under attack.

    • Swiftdigger says:

      Yes yes yes. Wealth of different kinds includes wealth of personal energy. A stress free awake person is better able to make more life supporting decisions for the good of all.
      TPTSNB where quite happy to allow the Maharishi to set up groups of coherence creating meditators all around the perimiter of China to avert and soften the attitude of the Chinese government. What the TPSNB where not happy about was it actually worked.
      As mentioned in another article here on the Tap Blog, When Chairman Mao reached out a hand of friendship the Military industrial complex went into meltdown initially.
      One that lead to dark agencies undermining their own coherence creating group in the USA back in 2006. I spent much of 2007 helping boost the group numbers there funded by an oil tycoon whose Gulf platforms where taking a massive hit from the horrendous weather that followed that ill thought out undermining of collective consciousness.
      Am Not comfortable being part of our UK coherence group since walking in on a popular spook lady friend and my father up to no good during a visit to my folks.
      TPTSNB have since dissappeared a £6.9 million winning euromillions ticket from my shack back in late 2007 and No news outlet will touch my story and neither will the Police.

    • Swiftdigger says:

      Funny how celebrities turn up wherever state sponsored wrongdoing occurs.
      On one occassion whilst in Fairfield boosting the coherence numbers I opened an eye to find a non meditator from the UK stood in the Patanjali Dome in Fairfield Iowa. Mr Fry with his arm in a sling. Not till I Got back to the UK did I see the programme related to this unusual occurence. Fry in america.
      At about 26 mins in to it.
      Much of that original airing has since altered and the clip of him inside the dome dissing the group has been removed from this youtube version.
      Some of My stolen £6.9 million winnings where funnelled into local projects, One of these was the procurement of a Portrait of an Masonic hero by Pompeo Batoni, A John Rolle Walter. Joanna Lumley got involved with the puchase of the painting. It aledgedly sat in an museum not far from a Masonic lodge I was once tasked with working on by a local Builder. He turned somewhat antsy with me when I showed little interest in joining.
      The next time I was to meet the fellow was in 2008 during the last days of the claim period for my stolen lottery ticket. He was the driver of the sixth and last vehicle that attempted to hospitalise me on one trip to and from an appointment in Exeter.
      The painting no longer sits in the museum it was purchased for. Probably gone back to it’s original owners to be used at a later date to steal money from us cattle in our stalls.

    • Swiftdigger says:

      It was my intention to use much of my winnings to help boost coherenc creating numbers here in the UK and in the USA group in Iowa. A thank to them for the sattvic arrangement that boosted my awakening during my year long stay there.
      I would have taken most of it to help avert the dangers arising in the middle east by joining the Coherenece group that the Maharishi instructed be set up in southern Turkey shortly before his passing in 2008.
      Those involved in stealing my winnings not only brought misery to me but misery to the millions of souls I would have assisted by helping prevent the hellish horrors the military industrial complex goons where busy orchestrating.
      What they fail to realise in their dimmed down mind controlled states is that they have engineered for themselves future hellish existences when they took from me my rightfully won winnings and all those that continue to fail to rectify my loss are doing the same.
      When the very same bunch engineered poverty for me by forcing my hand into accepting the fitment of a pacemaker type device that wrecked my ability to sleep and meditate whilst fitted shortly after being poisoned a few years back.
      I have since had it removed and my driving licence and carreer taken from me as a result.
      Prior to that I had a close set of my friends surrounding my marriage undermined when a mystery individual turned up on the scene and impregnated my wife. An individual whom I recently learned introduced one of those friends to cocaine shortly after his Ma died unexpectedly. He wasted his entire inheritence on the crap I recently learned. Twenty years on and I am just now getting to the bottom of what went on to undermine my life shortly after I crawled out from behind a rock Tap and stood as a the Teignbridge candidate for the Natural Law Party in the general elections here in the UK.
      Quite a few relatives and friends near to me have mysteriously done well in life since those days. But not me. Still having a go at me and my position in life. Am Soon to be made homeless. Now that I am skint and isolated I am to be driven to commit suicide it would appear.
      Still here though after all that has been done to piss on my life and my attempts to do good works.

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